• Hard to disagree with anything Joey's said there about the Eels. It's refreshing to read commentary from someone whose credibility has already been established and is not dependant on sensationalism (read: the usual suspect from Fox and the Tele).

    While Joey would have an affinity, and therefore positive bias towards Mitch having worked with him at Parra, the facts are his playmaking ability would have been severely compromised, which is to say nothing about his defence where he did a great job.

    I've seen some other posters compare and contrast Mitch's game against that of other halves who are now the darling's of said journo's above, and dare I say it, aside from Munster's debut I think Mitch's game 3 performance was easily on par with the debut performances of the rest. 

    The other thing Joey's spot on about is what the next 3 rounds will tell us about the rest of our squad. While I bristle at "the flat track bully tag", rightly or wrongly it's ours till we shed it. Winning 2, if not all 3 of the next 3 games without our half-back will do that. 

    Teams don't win premierships by tip-toeing around their weaknesses, they address them, and walk through them and find a way to turn weakness into a source of resilience.

    Come on've got this. 

  •  Good read mate, ta. Yes I agree with Joeys summation. We should be in finals mode now and show our class and ruthlessness

  • Still 2 months of footy to play before finals.... we need to be healthy as we can and in that top 4 with solid form - we do that our best footy can mix it with anyone

    weve beat both Storm and Penrith recently so we can do it 

  • It's certainly an interesting time for Parra. I don't agree with the flat track bully tag and we've already proven that time and again against Melbourne, Penrith and the Roosters. But mud sticks I guess. 
    The goal of the next 2 months should merely be to play well, play hard and stay healthy. Results will take care of themselves. We're not going to go undefeated for the remainder of the year so a loss here and there should not bother us as long we we compete well. 
    Come Finals time it's a brand new competition. Being primed for that competition should be the goal. 

    • Gus said on 100% Footy that the next 6 weeks we need to play as if we're playing the Storm or Panthers every week. They're the teams standing between us and a title. He said it doesn't even matter if we lose to the other teams starting with the Raiders, but we need to get our Storm & Panthers game ready. 

      • Gus just doesn't want us in the top four.

  • The run in is perfect for finals preparation you get to see the best teams at the right end of the season to see what they really have and give your self a true gauge.I for one am glad we are running into all of the teams ahead of us on the table it's perfect finals preparation.

    The MM injury is a good thing in the fact you get to see guys like Mahoney and Brown take a step foward with regards of responsibility running the team while the mentioned is injured.They may not have had that before and it's all a part of the spines growing process.

    • A good positive outlook Coryn - I like that. If we can get ourselves enough ahead of 5th place then we can afford to drop a couple of those tough games. Learn what we need to do to beat them and then implement that when we meet them in the finals.

      I like that Brown and Mahoney are starting to step up and control more of the game. That can only be a good thing.

    • spot on Coryn

    • I think this will benefit D Brown so much. I would not mind Gutho missing out tonight. Will only make D Brown step up more. Mahoney has stepped up plenty of times this year. However, D Brown has been in the shadow of Mahoney, Moses and Gutho this year primarily because of his age, constant combination changes and role in the team. Giving D Brown more responsibility tonight if Gutho is injured could really add more dimensions to our attack come finals. 

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