Jennings Money

I thought it would be interesting to hear what you blokes think we need in our team. What kind of player should target with Jennings salary? Would you be looking to add a back like Braidon Burns or should we target a foward?

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  • Pay another club to take Waqa and find ourselves a quality defensive Center. 

    I think the rest of the team is gelling well and we just need to keep the squad together for at least another 2 years in this Premiership window.

    • Either that or hope like hell that Penesini starts showing form like we thought he could show and then we can move Waqa onto Fergo's wing.

    • Agree fui edge defense has been a problem in the past. I wouldn't mind showing Waqa the door he's got ability but to me he's coming across a bit lazy. I wouldn't mind keeping Fergo for cheap but there's better younger players out there. 

  • Keep Waqa. Keep Fergs

    build Penisini and Haze and young Jakob, we have some great young ones busting to get into nsw Cup and those in nsw cup getting a shot in NRL

    RELAX  our bushy got this ... but it is he who could do with an assistant or two

    our fwd stocks are looking good, be good to know if Sam Hughes is ok.

    I think the way we are heading, those 'strike' players will come to us 

  • I don't think there are any quality backs available to sign immediately. 

    The money will go to bump up a couple of contracts or elevate Roache to the top 30.

  • We need to resign and partially upgrade who we have here, Cartwright and Moses priorities.  Brown possibly on slightly less coin.  I doubt we'll resign fergo unless it's on a greatly reduced 1 year deal.

    Matto will take his player option.

    We'll probably be in the market for a couple of outside backs and a middle forward 

  • These top 17 players are off contract for 2022 (i.e. they are free to negotiate with clubs right now):

    These will be free to negotiate in November (for 2023):

    Most of these names will need an upgrade to keep them at our club.

    • Way too logical and sensible Pou!

      Id prefer to see the money invested in a combination of $2 scratchies and a go for gold approach while the premiership windows open. Buy Staggs or an attacking centre, or find a ball running 5/8 who can create more attacking threats. Surely Tommy turbo or Wighton could do a job at 5/8 for us. 

      • You live in some fantasy world/existence if you think we are going to get Tommy Turbo fullstop......what do you think he would cost us Gary?.....I don't like Wighton but he might cost you more than  850k.

        God help me.....not now Slugg, he doesn't even like soup!

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