and it does  reeks of   "  Rebuild  " regardless of  lowballin highballin , who stays, who is leaving,  imo a plan  b is to go hell for leather for  brad fittler  wheather you like him or not  the nsw  coach can do a belamy  to attract  cheapies , the unwanted and those who prefer to  stay... please no knives  .lol

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  • They will not sack Arthur, this is not his fault how it has played out and honestly should have more control. Though i do agree if we are rebuilding in some sorts it should be new management and coaching all across the board. Parramatta are going to squeeze this lemon of a so called 'window' for every last drop of juice until they rebuild again.

  • should be enough in the  kitty now LB  to pay out Arthur's contract  . look  personally  I think  Arthur's a top bloke  ( still don't know picking his son was a nice idea  ) but can he extract anymore  now out of what we are stuck with , can he maintain any  status quo,  can he attract a million dollar man , if jnr Paulo jumps  ship  then  there will be  a rebuild,  if he decides to  stay it'll be because of the mighty  dollar not  Arthur's influence .

    • Well yeah i agree, if Paulo goes (Dolphins pushing hard for him) then we are in bigger trouble. There might be incentives in place for BA where he needs to meet certain goals and if he doesnt his payout might be less or whatever. 

      Our profits showed we could of sacked him last year so i don't think it will be a money thing to them as much but still paying out one or two years worth is better than three. Arthur will leave Parramatta when they tell him to leave, despite this happening and him being annoyed of how it has turned out with recruitment he will stay.

  • Couple of questions mate ...Aren't we already known as a club that attracts cheapies and the unwanted? Ice and Bryce for example were both cheap and unwanted as is Rein.

    Also, if they 'prefer to stay' then why are they leaving and why would that change if Fittler were at Parra?

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