“It was probably one of the weirdest situations I’ve ever been a part of,” Brown told the Herald.

“I’d just re-signed at the club and a few months later they are telling me to look elsewhere. It was a bit of a weird situation. Everything happens for a reason and, if it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t be at a club like the Roosters.

 “There were a few explanations but, at the end of the day, I can’t control their explanations or the way they do things.

“I can only control what I can control, and that is turning up day in and day out for my teammates and having a great attitude.

“Their decisions are up to them; I can’t control that. That was the club I was employed at, at the time. Now that I’m looking back, I’m glad it happened and have an opportunity at the Roosters.”

In his first year at Parramatta in 2017, Brown won the Ken Thornett Medal as the club’s best player and became a cult hero among fans because of his hard-charging style. His stocks rose higher when he made his State of Origin debut in the 2020 series, which led to him re-signing on a two-year contract the following season.

Soon afterwards, the former Rabbitohs and Wests Tigers forward was told he was surplus to requirements. Last year he made only 14 first-grade appearances, his last coming when he earned a shock recall for the grand final after being dropped following round 17.

Asked about his relationship with coach Brad Arthur, Brown remained diplomatic.

“I’ve got a good relationship with everyone but, at the end of the day, he’s the coach, he’s the boss,” Brown said. “It’s his decision, and it is what it is. It’s his call.

“There is something to prove, but not to Parramatta.

“I’ve got a point to prove to myself and my new teammates and my new club. I’ve moved on to a club I’m really excited about.

“That is in the past now; I can only concentrate on my future. I want to build trust with my teammates and around the club.”

Brown will bolster a Roosters pack decimated by injuries. The Italy international will provide depth and experience while Angus Crichton, Sitili Tupouniua and Matt Lodge are unavailable, although a hamstring injury will sideline him for several weeks, including for what would have been a spicy clash against the Eels in round five.

The 30-year-old is contracted to the tricolours until the end of this season, but believes his new team will bring out the best in him. And that, Brown hopes, will result in another Origin call-up.

“I’m very lucky and grateful a club like the Roosters gave me an opportunity,” Brown said. “I want to play my best footy that saw me in the Origin side.

“I want to get back into that arena and I believe the Roosters will allow me to do that. I think I can get back to that with such a great club and great coach in Trent Robinson.

“Once you get a phone call from Robbo and the Roosters, you just have to jump at the opportunity.

“I was really excited when my manager told me they were interested. I couldn’t wait to get that phone call from Robbo to see what he had to say.

“He explained himself really well, and now I have to get on the park and play some footy for him.

“It’s a quality club with quality players and a quality coach. I want to work hard so I can be back playing that Origin style of footy.”

Having been a member of the Parramatta side that lost the 2022 grand final, Brown believes he can go a step further with the Roosters.
“We have got a great bunch of talent at the Roosters,” he said. “I’ve only been there for two days but can see why they are a successful club. One day I would love to win a comp. Everyone knows the talent and the potential at the Roosters is through the roof, their culture and the leadership shows why they are a successful club.”

As for a clash against his former team, Brown will have to wait until a round 25 encounter at CommBank Stadium.

“It will be a good one, good fun coming in against your ex-teammates,” he said. “I’m sure it will be a fun occasion."

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      • If I was a promissing young forward, I would think twice about coming to Parra, BA seems to have an apprenticeship for his young big forwards that runs for a minimim of 3 years and involved match time from 0 to 15 minutes over that time period.

        I wonder what young Hopgood is thinking at this early stage.

        • Great point Poppa, as I mentioned in another blog earlier in the week, BA in recent years has debuted backs and with some getting regular playing time. When was the last forward to debut that got regular playing time? Perhaps Kaufusi in 2018? Niukore 2018? The year where we came last and naming these kids saved his job as he could bring them along, which he did.

          • The last few years we've had Paulo and RCG as our go too.It's tough sledding for anyone of these young guys to get in that position to get in.

            Its much like our 2nd rowers dating back to Tainganoa Moeroa and alike they get promoted and then displaced.

            I've always been of the thought very few of these young guys coming through are really ready for FG.The physicality of the game and with young bodies having to hold up over a full nrl season it's just tough sledding.

  • All he said was the truth the coach's son is not first grade standard.

    • It seems he was out of sorts before JA even debuted. Seems late 2020, early 2021.

      • Don't accept that, JA has been there longer than Nathan Brown.....blind Freddie could have seen it happening.

        I said two years ago when we first went off the rails, the potential was there to ruin the commardie and special bond that Parra built....we saw it repeat itself the next year (last year) as well and it was only the professionalism of the players that got us where we ended up.

        That poison is running through the same veins still and the fact that we find ourselves with the current dilemma is a indirect result of the whole thing...... Moses is the best example you can think of.....I will explain why when you join the dots.......Moses best man at Tedesco's wedding, Brown (nathan) a guest and friend at the same wedding.

        Brown and Moses good mates, Moses knows the story but is naturally loyal to BA and thus the dilemma takes place of choosing.....do you think Moses wants to stay, yes but his problem is what path is BA going to take him through if he does stay..... Easts have a half in Keary who has question marks over him with concussion, Teddy says sit back and lets see what is happening.

        In the meantime back at Parra BA continues to fiddle and the propaganda is still running strong via TCT, read their match reports after each NSW Cup game, JA features amongst the best in a losing side every week and of course they won this week and JA was outstanding......we even have gooses on here saying JA would be a better alternative to giving Hodgson a rest.

        Watch this space and I hope my "conjecture" is wrong......yes it is pure conjecture but makes as much sense as anything else I have read.

        Finally the tremendous irony of this happening would be Moses playing for the Roosters and Fongy explaining he was always a good player, just in the hands of the wrong coach.

        PS I was always a fan of BA and have supported him through thick and thin, his sons emergence and BA's lack of judgement has crippled my view of him to continue in the role. He is in an impossible situation unless you think JA is in Nathan Cleary class.

        • Nice comment Poppa, if your theory around Easts is true, it would be worthwhile to Moses to take the option for 2024 and sit back to see what happens this year, either go to Easts next year or in 2025.

        • Interesting, Poppa. BA's  prudent not to start JA in the 17, hitherto.

          The Roosters theory kind of makes sense. It wouldn't surprise me. What a twist if it were the case!

          Are they the secret third party in the love triangle after Moses?

          I'm just speculating though. Have not heard anything, tbh. But is does make some sense, besides Mitch being close to his good mate Browny.

          Moses had inks to the Chooks back in 2017-18, before Mitch apparently backflipped.

          Moses running game could complement Walker (so could Dylan Brown). And Walker could do the goal kicking with Moses as a backup.

          And if what Moses said "a premiership" is what he's after, not the money (at least not NRL contract money, as opposed outside that), it also fits.

          Where's he more a chance of winning a title in the next 3-5 years?

          Maybe, he's looking at what Cooper Cronk did, and thinking this could be his big and only, last chance.

          He could take unders and get other benefits outside the NRL contract. Business benefits that could help him post career as well. After all, the Moses are a business family and what better than to team up with the billionaire club.

          Secure a NRL legacy and his post career future.

          But - Keary, a concussion or two away from retiring, is still contracted up to 2024; a juggling act that needs some more time to sort.

          The Roosters still need to be NRL cap compliant in terms of acceptable contract values, even if they can do unders (cough, cough). If there's one club that could make it happen, it's the Chooks.

          This would also explain Moses' hesitation, a stall for time, despite two huge offers on the table. 

          Politis doesn't like contract dramas played out in the media and would be one man who could keep Isaac in line and in house.

          Still, that being said, I'm not sure all this is happening behind the scenes. But, as I said, it would make sense.

          Another possibility is there is another secret discussion going on with Moses, or he's holding off for 5 years with us. Milking us for as much as possible given the market conditions for halves. 

          The Moseses have time, to wait and see if the Roosters can make it happen.

          Two mammoth on the table. Both Tigers and Eels are desperate given the market climate. What's the incentive to speed up a decision? 

          If the Roosters really are interested (like they were) it makes sense to delay contract commitments.

          If Moses commits with us, maybe one-day we'll hear how close Moses came to signing with the Roosters for unders.

          PS: on JA/MA/BA, Rhino links, don't forget, from what I understand, there's also friends of the family at the club not just the siblings. It explains, at least in part, the perceptions of nepotism (but not why or who leaked the report and their agenda). The only time I saw BA riled up (in a controlled fashion) was in a press conference the week the nepotism report was leaked, even more than when we were getting belted 26-0 by Souths. I don't trust BA, tbh, and I don't think I'm alone.

          • The Moses scenario re Roosters does sound like it's possible. Wouldn't surprise in the slightest if he were to sign with them.

            The Tigers and the Eels may just be a delay tactical potential smoke screen to cover for his real preference.

            Watch this space....

            Watching Keary the other night, he's done, he is shot and Politis and the Roosters would know this - Moses would be the perfect option for them and them for him.

          • well thought out HOE. It is another game being played out in the background. I know many will think it okay with what is fair in love and war. I miss the simple old days when decisions were made with a handshake and you could trust {some} completely. The " its all about me" characters you have described are people of low character who I wouldn't,t want around me.

This reply was deleted.

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