It’s not gonna be easy !!

With Mahoney , gutho, papa, niukore , RCG off contract next year, its gonna be hard to retain them all. I love every one of these players but who do we not resign . (not doing every off contract player)

1.Papa - He is only on a 150k deal until the end of 2022. He will likely be offered at least 500k from another club. Do we offer him 400k or less and hopefully he takes a pay cut to remain at Parra or do we go all out and try and offer him as much as he wants (Realistically) to keep him. I can tell you , he is worth a ton more than 150k. Do remember, he did take a 300k pay cut to rebuild his career and no doubt that was a huge success . I Wouldn't be surprised if he decides to be loyal to the club that gave him his second chance . Please stay 🙏 

2. Mahoney - He is only only on a cheapish salary but once at the end of 2022, he will be offered anywhere 600k - 900k from the 3 Queensland clubs in Bronx, Titans, dolphins. He is a gun and I believe he is the key for our future . Parra please resign Mahoney ASAP

3.The king 👑 - On around 650 -700k a year and reports he wants more -(Hopefully they are false), Is gutho the hardest one to retain ? I love the king but is he worth more than 800k ? I'm going to leave this one to the fans and the club. I would offer him no more than 750k. There is a chance that the dolphins might offer him a contract . Hopefully he is willing to be loyal rather than a bigger pay check . 🙏🙏

4. Niukore - He is very important for our future but reports that the Warriors are very keen on luring him to the club. I believe he might just slip away unless if we don't resign Matterson . It's either Marata or Matterson (both would be nice, but we do have a salary unfortunately ). I believe we should resign niukore as he is a talented footballer who has so much potential. It's gonna be a fight 

5. RCG - I do believe this one is going down hill. Reagan's management has said that he is certain that he will be off to south east Queensland to sign to play for the dolphins and will most likely not open his contract talks to remain at Parra past 2022. I'm filthy on this one because he his leaving his club to be the face of a new franchise . Good on him I suppose. Hopefully Parra can sway his decision to reconsider a talk to resign with Parra but unfortunately I do believe rcg is a goner.



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        • Your problem is you continually look at players value in isolation. We have a spine that is developing real chemistry right now, that is far more valuable than any individual player out there right now. There isn't a single player in the league I would swap our entire spine or any part thereof right now. Even if we got Teddy or Turbo, it woukd take at least a full season to fully integrate them into our style of play.

          No, we have our spine, 3 of which are in the top 5 at their respective positions, the 4th not far behind, with 3 years worth of playing time together and with plenty of room to grow as a unit.

          To interrupt that now would roster management suicide. 

      • Jake could slot into 9 mutt.

    • Chief - piss him off 

      See I can do it too 

  • For mine I'd let the King and RCG go.

    It kills me to say it but RCG has another 12 months left and in that time we can possibly can develop Ky Rodwell enough for him to fill that spot permanently. Or even Kaufsui might stand up and deliver who knows...

    We simply cant let Reed, ICE or Niukore go IMO. These guys are so important and crucial to us winning something within the next few years.

    • My thoughts also Frank, if we want to keep that window open Reed, Ice and Niukore are the future. RCG is walking at the end of next year and there could be a couple of players still on contract being shopped around that could go with him, Lane and NBrown spring to mind. Matterson is one I would like to keep but he might be the sacrificial lamb to be able to retain others.

    • I'd be working the absaloute shit out of RCG in 2022. Wherever he's going , I'd be sending him busted. 

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  • Why not? We didn't win the competition and finished outside the top 4. If the players really think they deserve more cash let them walk. We had a losing streak going into the finals pretty much,. 

    Mahoney, papali and nuikore are the only ones worth decent upgrades. Let gutho and rcg go If they want to much. Same with matto and lane 

  • Let them all go.

    We can just replace them with our star studded development players as apparently that's all we need. No need to buy quality established players we are a development club and all our needs are already here.


    • For the most part they are. 

      We have an established spine with room for growth.

      We have plenty of middle forwards depth, with a good balance of youth & experience. 

      After that centres, wingers & edge forwards can be brought thru our youth development system. 

      If you're doing it right, you'll always have a young player ready to step into an older players role when he leaves or retires. That's how the Storm have stayed at the top for 15 years. They trust their development players. 

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