Is it our forwards that are the problem and not our backs?

For me, our poor form over the last couple of months is due to our speed of the play the ball.  It's been mentioned on here and Peter Sterling also eluded to it on Triple M the other day. 

We've been absolute dog shit at getting off the deck quickly after a tackle.  Whether it's our forwards backing into the opposition defensive line or Sivo and co having a little hissy on the ground, our ponderous ruck is allowing the opposition to dominate us and the likes of Moses are being completely nullified in attack. 

Our sweeping backline plays have gone missing, line breaks have dried up, Moses' try assists are disgustingly low and we seem to only rely on the power game and offloads.

The game against Penrith for me was like the Covid-19 awakening.  It was the most depressing game of the season.  We had no answers to Penrith whatsoever.  They where in our face the whole frigging game.  The slow play the ball was on repeat and the monotonous 5 hit ups then Moses hoisting the ball down field only to be caught on the full by Edwards made me very ill.

The Eels have been playing off the back foot for too long and getting away with it against lesser or depleted sides but against quality opposition (Souths and Penrith) we're being sodomised and this will continue if changes aren't made.

If BA doesn't work this shit out (forwards giving our halves the platform with faster ruck speed) then it's gonna be another straight sets defeat in the finals.

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  • Everyone on here just posts statements from journos and commentators and many days after they’ve said it! This website has gone downhill..  everyone is the SuperCoach on here!

    • I said this six months ago. No imagination just copy and paste. I post some dopey blogs but at least they come out of my own head. 

    • I read that exact comment elsewhere 


    So it's the forward fault that Waqa Blake doesn't pass the ball, Sivo is no were to be found, Moses running 2 metres for 80 mins against Penrith  (world Record) and Ferguson scoring 1 try all year.

    100% wrong 

  • It's the coach 

  • The long pass from dummy half that has emerged over the last couple of months hasn't helped either the backs or the forwards only the opposing teams defence in picking up our telegraphed runs and cramped backline !

  • The hunting as a pack mentality seems to have gone. In attack we have reverted back to the predicatble one out hit ups.  Surely that rubbish is not too hard to fix.


    • 8 weeks and counting! 

  • It's because we are playing one out and have no players in motion. It's too easy to pick us off. This decreases our post contact metres and our play the ball speed.

    • ^ THIS ^

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