Is it our forwards that are the problem and not our backs?

For me, our poor form over the last couple of months is due to our speed of the play the ball.  It's been mentioned on here and Peter Sterling also eluded to it on Triple M the other day. 

We've been absolute dog shit at getting off the deck quickly after a tackle.  Whether it's our forwards backing into the opposition defensive line or Sivo and co having a little hissy on the ground, our ponderous ruck is allowing the opposition to dominate us and the likes of Moses are being completely nullified in attack. 

Our sweeping backline plays have gone missing, line breaks have dried up, Moses' try assists are disgustingly low and we seem to only rely on the power game and offloads.

The game against Penrith for me was like the Covid-19 awakening.  It was the most depressing game of the season.  We had no answers to Penrith whatsoever.  They where in our face the whole frigging game.  The slow play the ball was on repeat and the monotonous 5 hit ups then Moses hoisting the ball down field only to be caught on the full by Edwards made me very ill.

The Eels have been playing off the back foot for too long and getting away with it against lesser or depleted sides but against quality opposition (Souths and Penrith) we're being sodomised and this will continue if changes aren't made.

If BA doesn't work this shit out (forwards giving our halves the platform with faster ruck speed) then it's gonna be another straight sets defeat in the finals.

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  • Agreed to some degree... however in the Penrith game the forwarded were rooted and gassed out due to the constant repeat sets of six which resulted in slower play the ball. I believe Penrith had double the completed sets of six a team normally gets in the first half.. damn six again rule.
    Can’t wait for Friday. Won’t be happy unless Brisbane are smashed similar to end of last year

  • At the start of the year we were fast at dummy half, forwards doing hitups were catching the ball right next to the dummy half and making yards. Now the forwards are catching the ball a few metres back and barely getting past the last tackled player before the defence is in their face. 
    When the opposition has the ball our defence is not meeting them, whereas at the start of the year we were sprinting off the line.
    It's that old saying, 'you've got to meet them to beat them' which appears to be lacking.

  • Most attack starts from the 9, Reed played well against the Warriors, he was engaging one of the markers, couple of darts.

    He also needs to use his kicking game more often.

  • According to NRL stats, when we got belted by Souths 38-0 our play the balls were faster than theirs (3.3s vs 3.77s). What I would like to know is when the play the ball speed clock is started. Is it when the ref calls held?

  • I agree that our fowards haven't been the same as the start of the year in terms of attack. Obviously this impacts Moses, but still Moses runs way to horizontal and is apart of the problem in attack. 


    • I think they haven't been the same in defence either unfortunately. In the first 6-8 weeks we were absolutely bashing other teams, there simply wasn't an easy run for any opposition forward - exactly what the Panthers did to us last week. One sure way to get on the front foot is to bash the opposition when they've got the ball and then run over the top of them when we've got it - we showed we can do it in the first 8 or so rounds, the forwards have to step up and show they can do it again. We held that form at the start of the year and I can't see any reason we can't do it for another 5 or 6 games now to go all the way. Remember how many times our forwards got on top of the opposition and found Gutho and Moses in support. We scored a tonne of points from that simple play. Moses is like any other half, his pack is on top he creates things with the space that comes with it - the pack is going nowhere, he gets smashed.

      • Poppa the apparent genius is not sure which of those 8 games we actually dominated, or played decent footy. Can you help him out and point out were and who we bashed. By the way i agree with you.

        • Apparent genius? well what an insult,.........the answer is in the those 8 games which teams did we dominate.....well not the dogs, yes to the Titans, but they stood up to us for most of that match, we played the Broncs after the Covid break, they were in good shape(not), Cowboys yes, Sivo scored 4 times, they were going real well at the time, don't seem to recollect many others.....always thought our best two games were panthers and roosters.

          Maybe I am not a genius afterall, some of those game some say we were lucky to win, I never thought that!

          Domination Graham is something I will leave you determine with your wife and the boilermakers when you bully them after a Parra loss.......I reckon deep down you would be a submissive Graham..... do you want me to send my boots around?

  • Our starting pack can hold their own against any pack in the comp, it's when our bench comes on that screws us, apart from Nuikori we have no impact. The Storm shit on every other team as far as benches go, big Nelson, Smith, Tino and Kamikamika, all of them make a difference. 

    • I agree to a point Wong, but as I said above, when we were dominating that first 8 rounds or so how many appreciation blogs on Evans, our forward depth, our bench etc was there? Heaps. Like you've alluded to, that form of the bench has dropped off, and at the same time so has our starting pack. Can we find it again - hell if it was me and I'm heading to the pointy end of the season knowing the work they put in at the start of the year I'd be leaving absolutely nothing on the paddock - 5 or 6 games now to completely dominate your opponent and if 80% of your team does that, you'll win the majority of times. Seems like that 80% has dropped to 30 to 40% recently, not too many forwards (or backs for that matter) can put their hand up and say they've given their all. Finals time is the time for them to stand up and it really has to start happening this weekend to ensure that Top 4 spot and a double shot.

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