• There's no real scoop here. Parramatta's head of strength and conditioning said he was running last week which means he is very close to playing. BA said he has a fitness test tomorrow to determine if he will be available on the weekend. BA mentioned that they won't risk him though if he is 50/50.

    • Surely there's someone at 1eyed who's in the bubble!

      • Hahaaa.

      • Yer there is but I'm not aloud to say who

        • Shawn if I had a contact inside the bubble, I would choose you to be my man..... your credibility would be manifest if I had to stage a leak..... no wonder your such good mates with Lurker!

          When you make your next leak, let me know and I will correct your spelling and grammar....

          PS I hear there are emotional awards if you can obtain a scoop, something akin to a happy ending. I only know this because of the way people on here strive for that first strike!

          • So you are saying next time Shawn has a leak you will hold his pencil?

  • He'll be named on the reserves bench with Smith at 6. I'm tipping Brown may just get in at the last minute 

    • I'm with you on this one Chiefly. BA has been coy about it since last week. I think he will play

      • How bout a surviving of Niukora aswell?

        • Reviving ?   I hope so


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