Note: for whatever reason this may bring out the ugly in the people. I have no interest in causing a stir. No negativity please. I'm only sharing as I know some here genuinely care and have an interest.


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                    • Sheet Kram, did you pause to think that one through? I hope not or air travel just got a lot more dangerous! Your argument is a fallacy; specifically, the fallacy of ignorance. The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. I could go through several ways you or any of us could be unaware of a truth or of a phenomena or practice that nevertheless exists, but unless you want to deny basic logic you would do well to rethink that line of argument. 

                    • Correct Pou.

                      Indeed ALL corporates are - and it's not just because of government support. All corporates are totally clear on their social (and corporate) responsibility on this and alot of other issues, their employees are well educated in the area and are overwhelmingly supportive - to be anything other than that is simply and rightfully unacceptable in 2020.

                      All companiers have what they would call a manifesto, or a mission statement or similar (and I don't just mean a one line catch phrase) where they outline who they are, what they are, their social and environmental goals and responsibilities, inclusiveness and a range of other issues making up what they want their identity to be. It generally won't involve financial performance. I would suggest that the corporate community is now THE most inclusive comunity in this country.

                      I've asked EAM twice what the discriminatory industry is that he works in without reply. I'm thinking an informative blog from him about that industry may have been more productive than yet another "red neck racist" blog which looks to have been put up simply to get a reaction - and ironically the initial reaction via gif was "this is boring"- as in we've been down this road before. It wasn't even remotely racist.

                      It's not unreasonable to suggest that EAM gets his jollies out of starting this garbage - the evidence is in the blog.

                      So, EAM, for the third time, what is it? What is this discriminatory industry?

          • By prefacing your blog the way you did, you anticipated this potential response. You know what you did, you contemplated the backlash, but put it out there anyway. That’s inciting, albeit cloaked in a pretext of innocence. 

            • nope. I prefaced the article by saying: 
              'I have no interest in causing a stir. No negativity please. I'm only sharing as I know some here genuinely care and have an interest'.
              BTW, I didn't post anything bad mate. 

              • Mate you certainly didn't post anything bad, its just a pity there is so many ignorant Klu Klux Karen's on this site, such as snake and co, who uses positive blogs like this as a platform to racially stereotype and constantly belittle Aboriginals.


  • I enjoyed this round like all the my footy. BTW created by Whiteman.

    But what I don't get, is why half these so called aborigines with 10% Aboriginal blood running through their veins, happen to be more proud of the black ancestry than they are of the white ancestry.

    Why is that I wonder?

    • Hmmm, I wonder why Frank.....political? pushed in Uni / schools / govt. etc.and of course the media.

      And do not start me on some players not singing the anthem...yet they take the pay from the NRL / clubs. Can you imagine if one player chose not to play this weekend? He would be hounded out of the game, yet when the shoe is on the foot about the anthem its allowed.


      • Maybe it's got something to do with the fact that by 2017 the indigenous population was 798,365 and the government provided $33.4 billion towards the indigenous population.
        That equates to $41835 for every man woman and indigenous child.

        That's not including assistance with, medical, education, housing and assistance with interest on loans etc.

        From where I sit that sounds like a pretty good deal but what would I know. I'm just a punter working two jobs to help for that nice little outlay.

        • Thanks Frank, you see someone like me thinks how much $$$$ is really making a difference? as we have many aboriginal people living on the coast / cities etc around the country, yet the real issues seem to be country areas. There are some people who need help, no doubt about but both govts. have been guilty of this welfare mentality, and it extends into non-ATSI people as well. 

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