If Penrith don't Win Premiership this Year, Then?

I've not been that much of a fan of Penrith's premiership credentials as such but after watching their combined contribution to both the Blues and Maroons efforts in last night's State of Origin game in Townsville in particular their NSW Blues contingent they surely have to be extremely odds on favourites to win this year's premiership. If Penrith don't win the premiership this year then something is really off. The only possible thing seriously stopping them is injuries to their star players. They have some seriously good players in their team which really hit home to me in last night's demolition of Qld.

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  • NSW forwards were v good; they gave us the impetus; our backs if you look at the backline were v strong...

  • Our 2001 team were better , and we all know what happened there . 

    • I agree but which team today has a Joey Johns, Danny Buderus and Ben Kennedy waiting to execute a perfect half of football to ambush them?

      I take some heart in knowing we were the last team to beat them at full strength in a non finals game. I can't wait for us to play them. 

      • People forget just how good that Newcastle team were when they're critising Brian Smith for losing the " unloseable Grand Final " . I  think South's have the potential to be the team that does a Newcastle to Penruff on GF day . 

        • There's no such thing as an "unloseable" Grand Final - 1 team loses every year!!!!

  • This is a blog designed to rile up the faithful. Hence, good blog Monto!

    I think there are a few candidates that might upset Penrith:

    1) Storm have to be #1. If Storm go into a GF with Munster, Grant, Papwhatever, plus JAC, and Hughes if only because Hughes provides continuity and can run/kick, plus Welch, Asofa-Sol... and Finucane + Kaufusi, they have the forwards and spine and fast backs to be a threat against any opposition. But also, for a team to beat Penrith that team will need a well-drilled defensive unit capable of slowing down and disrupting Penrith's flow, and variety of attack from the spine. That's the Storm. 

    2) Otherwise do a thought experiment. Name a team that you think could beat Penrith each week for 3 weeks straight. I don't think there is one. But now name a team you think could fluke a great day out against Penrith on a one-off basis. Where their forwards are completely ruthless and smash through in the run and have legally lightning line speed and brutal first contact, and then total X-factors in attack that do superhuman stuff. Here we have to find teams with players capable of repeated individual brilliance throughout the 80 mins, breaking the Penrith line. We are now talking Turbo for Manly or Latrell for Souths. Then those teams need total defensive steel and middle that power through all game. Could Manly and Souths do that? Do those teams have the forwards? Maybe. On their day? 

    I guess my point is to ask whether the actual question could be: what team has the x-factor capacity on a fluke day? If the Eels, it would have to be that Moses and Gutho run forever, but crucially, I think for the Eels we should think outside the box. The Eels would need our edge backrowers and middle forwards to offload all day, allowing us to attack the Penrith edges. For the Eels, they would need about 6 players to play out of their skin for 80 mins AND the team to play almost error free, converting all half chances into big yardage and points. Personally, though it is total unicorn, I think the Eels COULD have a great day out. The Eels have shown they can play an ensemble play-making game (when DBrown and Moses have been out) and they would need to attack from all points (offloads, kicks, runs, and from their defence) to upset Penrith in a GF context. 

    • Daz, on GF day you need all 17 to play to the best of their ability for 80 minutes. Any small lapses in concentration or execution of basic skills and you'll generally pay the price. Also, you need momentum, as we saw in 2001. When we eventually got the momentum back in the 2nd half we nearly ran the Knights down. You need to not only gain the momentum early, but hold it for the majority of the contest. The days of getting to a 10-12 point lead and coasting to victory are long gone, nowadays teams can rack up big points in small minutes if you are off your game by any small margin.

  • I think the Storm are as good as Penrith. Munster needs to be on song, but with Nicho on the bench they are strong, with a coaching staff that know how to win the big games 

    The Eels don't have the game to beat the top sides come the pointy end, Penrith, Storm, Souths and Manly. Our 1, 6, 7 and 13 would need to improve big time.

    We have improved as a team but the above mentioned players have not got the ability or the smarts to go with the top sides when they turn it on. Then add our defence on the flanks.

  • I still think the Storm have their measure...

    • Franky - it is now clearer.  Storm win regardless of who isnt playing. Hate them but an unbelievable club. 

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