When the eels win 2020 premiership do you believe  it will be a worthy title? Few people believe this will be a fake competition as there was covid and reduced rounds . I think that whoever wins this year will be worthy winners . What do you guys think even commentators are saying we should have cancelled this year's competition. 

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      • Mind you those clubs will never take into account home grounds like BankWest Stadium have arguably little if any advantage without home crowds .

  • Its only 4 games less than other years because of byes.

    2018 and 2019: 25 rounds with 1 bye and a rep round off so 24 games.

    2017: 26 rounds with 2 bye's so 24 games.


    2020: 20 rounds and no bye's except for the game between round 2 and 3.

    You could argue its harder this year because there playing 18 games straight without a break.

    Not to mention other emotional factors etc.

    I think this will go down as one of the hardest seasons ever, with disruption, no crowds, the uncertainity etc

    • Yes this year the competition has been played and will be won under far more different psychological conditions than usual , due to factors such as the  ones you mention. Ask ourselves the question now , should Parra not win the comp , will we degrade the winner and use this shortened comp. version as excuse .? Time will tell but given our dominance to date I doubt it !!!

  • Is everyone trying to win it? Of course they are so it's a worthy comp. it's no different to any other comp each year presents its challenges etc. A team might be upgrading its stadium and have no home ground or be missing its 3 best players with injury whatever. No excuses for any team before and none now. Having said that we are a long way from winning the thing. 

  • I think it will be marred through the football memories, hope not

  • Harder than all other previous years in my opinion.

    18 straight weeks plus semis.

    You will have to play out of your skin and tendon healthy to win it that's for sure.

  • I bet if the naysayers' team won the comp they wouldn't be saying that.

  • The way Covid-19 is spreading again we might not have any winner!

  • Meh they said the same about the super league comps didn't they? 

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