Hypothetical - If we win, how would you feel?

Joey Johns declared a few weeks back that this years premiership will always have an astriix next to it, just like the Knights first premiership in 1997 when the Brincos were not apart of the comp. 

I'm not convinced that people think less of the knights 1997 premiership win. However,  I do think this years premiers may not enjoy the same level of prestige as winning it in normal circumstances. 

Personally, I will be very happy to win and don't care much for reducing the value of the comp due to Co-vid 19. There are still 16 clubs vieing for the one trophies.  

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  • It's definitely still meaningful. When the Knights won in 1997 no one looks back on that as a pseudo Premiership. It's remembered as a legitimate title. 
    I said to a mate the other day, as a Parra fan we'll probably win it this year. The year we can't attend the GF nor go out partying to celebrate. Seems about right. 

  • I think it will be harder to win. The actual best team should win as there are no crowds to help teams win and get over the opposition. The better teams should win each week. And at the end I feel the better team with the most depth will win. Will be a weird gf tho if there are still no crowds. It will kill the post game celebrations for players and fans

  • It would be great to win a title this year, playing 18 rounds straight with no crowds will be unusual for most teams except for the roosters and Titans, the team that wins would have earnt it I wouldn't be surprised if this season turns out to be a cracker 

  • I'd say this would be one of the toughest competitions to win. Shortened season, season interrupted by a three month suspension, sudden rule changes. The team that wins this season should not be asterixed. 

  • One of the hardest comps in years, disruption at the start then 18 straight games with no bye or rep games, straight into the finals as the weather heats up. Will take a fit & champion side to win this year. 

  • Over the moon and my life is complete 😂.


    There is no asterix on this year as far as I'm concerned, who ever wins will deserve it for sure.

  • The key difference with Super League was that there were 20 or so teams running around, but not all playing each other. That's one key difference with this years comp. Sure it's not what everyone thought it would be, but all teams are in the same boat and all will be playing each other.

  • Thus years premiership will be more legit than the Knights 97 one, every team is playing and only 4 less rounds then normal.  I will be partying like it's 1986.

    • I think we will party like its 1981. Will feel like our first premiership its been that long. Just dont burn the stadium down this time. We want to keep this one

      • I was only 13 when we won in 81, my partying went as far as running down the road in my jersey yahoo,ing so would much rather party like it's  1986 ;)

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