Humble Pie

I've been critical of BA and in most part I stand by it.

But credit to him he's got us here and he's got the best out of this team

I'll never understand the JA selection or bench rotation but we're in the GF and I'll be very happy if BA becomes only the 3rd coach to win a premiership with this club I think we all will. 

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  • I hope he doesn't pick Carty again. We get a six again and what he does? Offloads to the opposition.

    • To be fair the Ref didn't call it promptly, it took ages.

      • Dosnt matter how long the ref takes - The pass weather on the first or 4th for an offload was terrible. 

        • Exactly Blue Eel. We were just started to get some field position. 

  • not much to complain about. Truce for a week and enjoy this week as a team and supporter base.

  • If we win next week I could care less how long he re-signs for or who he puts on that bench.....he earns that right.

  • We are super fit , don't discount just what it took to go up there tonight and out fitness those guys in their own backyard after they've had a week off . They came to play , that wasn't a cakewalk like some may have expected . That was great planning and great execution , from the plane at the last minute , to the guys on the paddock.  Even the hydration plans from the team involved behind the scenes. That was no mean feat what we've just pulled off.  

    • 100% correct. The preparation is what won us this game.

    • Spot on Wiz, i was keen for them to piss off out of Sydney to escape the hype....the club / staff did v well and its paid off. The club will make the $$$$ back this week in sales / merchandise. We also get a day off in some way tomorrow / today.

    • Wiz on top of that the rotation got fukd up with Paps going off with a HIA and Lane going off with the poke to the eye. Tremendous effort from the lads last night.

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