• Mate your english is great. Can't spell and you don't make any sense.

    • How would our team play without head coach and only use assistant coaches?  Do you understand?

      • You are the best one to answer your own question Keith, how did you write this blog without a brain.

    • I think the "who"was meant to be "how.  Honest mistake 


      • Slug, 

        How would style our team play without B.A and using assistants? O.K

        • If you mean WHAT style would our team play the answer would be stuffed if I know. I think that our lack of quality depth is the basis of our problems. 

  • Well they probably wouldn't tackle hard or run hard cause that's all BA can instill in this team - fuck tactics that's where it's at.

    Surely no other coach expects his side to run hard and tackle hard?

  • They'd probably draw by half of 6.5

  • No worse than we are playing now.

  • To be honest one of our biggest weaknesses is our assistant coaches. We have kept the same coaches

    Murphy and Kidwell for 3plus years that is part of the problem.

    The best coaches Bellamy, Bennett, Robinson consistently change up the coaching staff to get new voices in and look how many current coaches have come from those systems.

    Then look at the difference in the panthers from having Barrett back as attack coach.

    I know covid robbed the halves of Joey but he wasn't employed as a full time assistant.

    I accept BA will see out his contract maybe even get another one but he has to change the othet voices in dressing room but from what ive heard BA is not the type to work with people who might threaten his job.

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