A really common question for racing fans. What is the best race / win you have ever seen. This is the best win I have ever seen.


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          • Loved the call too . . . . ". . . here's Makybe Diva - a nation roars for a hero . . . "

          • Wet tracker only, over rated. Threatened to scratch her unless they watered the  track. No rain and track went from good Saturday to dead/slow Tuesday.

            • Yeah . . . that's what happened. Wet tracker only . . . fuck off..

              • Its a real shame when you see fuckwits comment about things .....the track wasn't heavy when she won the Cox Plate......oh and three melb cups, piece of piss for a wet tracker.

                Just to put a further dampener on that Aiden O'Brien, rated the best trainer in the world at the time and arguably still is said she was the best stayer in the world ..... a rating not many international players would put on a Melb Cup winner.

                Why do we love to knock our champions!!

                • Exactly mate. What sort of a dope equates watering a very hard track with a wet or heavy track - obviously has no idea. Only an imbecile would deny Makybe was one of the greatest stayer the world has seen - probably just didn't have the brains (and it wouldn't any) to back her.

      • Pops what made that win even more amazing was on that day at Randwick nothing was winning from the back it was a leaders track and for that horse to win from where it was and make up that much ground in a Group 1 against very good sprinters is just mind boggling....then it refused to leave the barriers the rest of it's career lol....what an animal !

    • Since when did you become obsessed with horse racing ? Did you get a job at the TAB ?

      • My Queen it is early days for you in your new sovereignty but you need to understand that to be royal you need to have an understanding of the sport of kings.... i will continue to guide you, but you have to be "with regard" to your royal status and YES that means no more voting Labour or Greens.....

        don't worry my love we will still let them "eat cake".


        • No chance pops did I tell you my mum joined the nuclear disarmament party at 42 when she went to uni ?? I’m a born socialist bahahaha plus a teacher 

          in all facets in life I know my team and I stick to it :-)

          • Massive NDP fan her Carls - best political party - EVER!!

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