HOE, where art thou?

Shout out to HOE. Haven't seen you on here for a little while. I'm not sure if you've been around and I've just mised you, or you have gone MIA. You weekly match previews are a highlight for many on here.

I hope you are ok. Give us a yell if you see this.

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                    • Mate, the banks are open so that the punters can continue to go in and sign their loan docs for their shiney new mortgage on their brand new first home with a two percent interest rate, interest only payments, and a bit of govt stimulus thrown in.

                      Gotta at least try and keep that housing bubble going :)

      • Settle with the hugs pettle - I'm that way inclined.

        As for HOE, I think he definitely left of center so no wonder he's from Victoria- lol.

        • Then it's all good?! Huuuuuuuuug.

          Is a hug on the left different to a hug on the right? Of the body I mean. Or by a body. 
          PS: you should see whose really hugging HOE. Then, the concern would evaporate  🤣

  • Yep HOE hope all is well with you...

  •  HOE is a gentleman of the absolute highest kind and the most switched on member to ever join this site, I hope all. Is well with him and I wish him a million blessings. 

    • Beautifully said Frankie yes he is 

    • Well Said Frank and Nice blog Meelk

    • A Big Ditto Frankie 

    • Frankie, that's way too kind. Thanks, mate. I wish you and the family all the best, too.

      You have my respect. Everyone knows your wit and cutting humourous, is legendary. But, your insights and predictions have been eerily on the money, many times, whether it was about Sharp, Soward, or where Latrell Mitchell would end up way before anyone knew the eventual outcome and were sold by populous opinion.

      Also, to your credit, I notice you prefer to not make assumptions about things without some evidence.

      And you do a lot of good things behind the scenes, in action, for people less fortunate and resourced . And can also admit if you're wrong at times or erred (who hasn't). You're an impressive person, mate.

      • Yo hoe bro, sorry i havnt replied to your reply mate, was waiting till i had the time to write a decent reply, will do soon, bro, glad you are well, you and your content has been missed bro.


This reply was deleted.

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