Hear Me Out

As angry as I am right now, is it really that bad?

RCG is a gun and we signed him with Penrith still paying for him somehow, lol.

Gutho extended and no matter what your thoughts on how he went on about his business, he is the best defensive fullback in the comp.

Marata is a loss, but he misses half the year through suspension or injury.

Papa really shits me, he is a massive loss. If we offered him 550k and he took 600k from the Tiggers, then he is a genuine dumb cnut.

Now, is Mahoney really that good or is it all potential. He is a little boy playing hooker, he's unlikely to get the Maroons 9 jumper and will be injury prone for the rest of his short career. I think dump him to reserve grade and let him rot, then watch Rein all of a sudden become a star in our formidable pack.

2023/24 Dantoray Lui will be our starting hooker.

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  • A lot of valid points mate but it still hurts. Tell me more about Dantoray Lui 

    • Black kid, can play halves or hooker. Fast and strong, steps like Hayne and Benji.

      • Oh the young kid we signed. Be nice if he can play hooker looks to have good vision 

  • Agree you've made some very good points. I'm already glad the 3 stooges are leaving. 

  • Come on. Mahoney's a massive loss for our club. I don't know what is happening at parra but shits gotta change real quick. 

    • Mahoney is not a massive loss. Joey Lussick when he filled in when Mahoney was injured did a better job than Mahoney. I also think Mahoney's shoulder injury will have some major ramifications.

      • He was pretty pivotal for us in attack and he tackled his heart out every game. He's definitely a loss. No one is irreplaceable, but we definitely dropped without him on the park - Lussick wasn't better (nor should we expect him to be given he had no game time with the spine and forwards). 

      • So Lussick had one good game for us against Melbourne and that makes him better than Mahoney who has had 50+ good games for us?

        You also harp on about a 23 year olds shoulder injury but are happy to sign a 32 year old (34 when we get him) who recently did his ACL and has had several calf injuries.

  • Nah....  I can't see any positives sorry.  600k for papalii is a bargain if u compare kikau and leilui signed for 800k. 

    Reed mahoney is top3 hooker in the game, I'f he played in the semis this year we win the comp. 600k for a top tier Spine player is also a bargain.

    Nuikore leaving has left us with lane and matterson as our starting second rowers. 

    It looks very very grim for 2023

    • Offer papa 600 and mahoney 600 and we get them both, why do we have to under value them with the expectation they will sign for less to stay, if the reports are true and we had last say and we didn't match the offers but try to skimp out by 50k only to loose them, that's just stupid considering we loss fergo and nuikore already we should've had the extra 50k. I'm so pissed of atm, the only exception to loosing reed is acceptable with current circumstances is if the club knows something about his shoulder and don't wana take the risk. 

      Any way these clowns have left us now, how ironic is it that the dog that dogged us has signed with the dogs. Out of all clubs reed signs with he signs with the dogs, disgusting.

      Papalii the cat, mahoney the dog

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