Gutho Vs Hayne. Who ya got?

In light of Gutho's stellar season and Dally M contention, who would you have in your team?

Two vastly different playing styles, Guthos all out consistent effort and professionalism vs Haynes game winning talent but hot and cold attitude.

Who do you want as your fullback?

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  • Depends on what situation - so there can be NO correct answer as neither have GF success

    You want a lifer, a dude to build a club around - Gutho........but No GF

    Say what u want about Hayne NOTHING I MEAN NOTHING parra has donr since 1986 & that inclures 2001 & 2005 can match the the EXCITEMENT of the Hayne Plane in 2009 with our run from 2nd last on the ladder to the GF

    So we all want a wife - a best friend for life right -  GUTHO

    But if u get to have an affair with the HOTTEST 18yo SEX CRAZED Nympho - but only for a short while - YOU TAKE IT EVERY TIME & that is what Hayne DID

    If you are HONEST and have NEVER experienced a GF and were a Parra fan in 2009 - You take those 10 weeks over Gutho EVERY SINGLE TOME - otherwise you are a LIAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I win


    • Interesting analogy, lol

    • Hi Tele yes you win! Fantastic analogy!!

  • Hayne..shouda,coulda, woulda. Wasted talent. What a footballing genius he was. Amazing footy IQ but... If I went to war, I'd want Gutho and Nathan Brown either side of me.

    • Zero other IQ. One of the dopiest ever. Couldn't string a coherent sentence together if his life depended on it. At any time in his career.

  • Hayne of 2009 and 2014. 
    Obviously Hayne is a game breaker. 
    Hayne had the potential to make a good team great. But he could also undermine a team. He was not a team player. He could fade out of a game. We had years of under-performance with Hayne in the team. 
    Gutho's work ethic is second to none and this year his execution has been mostly excellent. He can bring a team together. In a way Hayne never could. 
    - if Hayne has even half the work ethic and team-first attitude of Gutho, he would have been an immortal

  • Regular season Gutho

    Origin Hayne

    In origin and surrounded by elite players Haynes attitude was different and he was a team player. 

  • Hayne is no doubt better but come at an extra cost of 1.2m a year. We are getting great value with gutherson at 750k considering ponga, Tedesco and RTS are over a mill a year. I rate gutho just behind those 3 players, I rated hayne when he was our fullback as the best player in the world at the time.

    If I was looking for value and build an all round structured team with a salary cap to follow gutho would be my fullback


    If I didn't have a salary cap(I.e roosters), or have a young team all on cheap deals (i.e panthers) I would be looking  for hayne over gutho.

  • Gutho gives you 7,5/8 out of 10 every week. JH was either a 5 or a 10. You can depend on a player so inconsistant. I won't lay all the blame of JH though. His team mates for a large part of his tenure were park footy/ problematic or fringe NRL level players at best. The Parra front office was in a permamant mess.

    I would have like him to stay after the 2018 disaster as he still had the golden touch. Wouldn't mind him at all either at centre or on the wing. He could have also become a handy dummy half. Too bad he had too much stupid in him. I loved him and I still do. One of my favorite all time.

    This was his swangsong


  • Hayne on his day was one of the best of all time. All natural but played as an individual. 
    Gutho, the heart beat of the team. Works harder than most. A leader and a team player. 
    Truth is, I'd have them both. Hayne for his magic and Gutho for hardwork and leadership. 

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