• Dogs cant afford to lose klemmer, jackson or mbye to leave. So greg eastwood will get the punt before june 30, he will sign with manly.
  • Bozo returns and so does their unlimited  salary cap.

  • There is no way they can could afford him. If true & the nrl don't go over there books something fishy is going on bad
    • All contracts and salary caps are audited from the NRL.  The difference is that some clubs attract third party agreements and some don't and there is no limit on third party agreements. 

  • I told a story about Manly in a blog at the start of this year. It went something like this.....

    At Manly it doesn't matter if it's right or long as it benefits Manly! Well it didn't really go like that, but that was the moral to the story as I will repeat again here.

    In 1978 I played an A Grade game (ringin' in) for "the Valley" cos I played cards with the coach who was an ex 1st grade player at Manly the other two were an ex Manly coach and a scoundrel who played lower grades (he was my mate). They all loved a bet and drink and taking the p... out of each other and me cos I was a Parra lad and had recently made a comeback after a few years out of the game (I was never much good anyway, just a park footballer really) but I decided I should take it easy to start so I was playing Rah rah, and of course they used to stick it to me about that, hence the one game with the Valley. They were actually a real good bunch of blokes.

    The bloke who played lower grades ran a two up game for some-one with authority in the Manly club and the local copper (with some authority)!

    Well we were pretty sweet with both, especially my mate who had their confidence.

    With about 4 or 5 rounds to go my mate comes to me and says "don't back Parra Roddy, get'ya house on us, Arko's got Hartley in his pocket! 

    Manly never lost another game, had two very lucky draws and maybe my mate was just takin' the piss? It was a pretty good guess though.

    Bozo was mentored by Arko. Bozo just-grass cut Tooves. Manly has re-instated "Scumbag the Greek" and apparently they had enough room in their cap to get Foran back too!

    Why wouldn't they be able to fit Eastwood under their cap? he's probably only on half a mil!

    • Straight out of Jack Gibson's book, nice one Rowdy.

    • Was this at the end of 1978?
  • why whats going at the Bulldogs for eastwood to leave them did I miss someting

  • This is just a predication, i have no sources, bulldogs will let go of eastwood to keep klemmer etc at belmore.
  • No thats about it, do you know when tockets for round 1 are on sale?
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