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Good Result At BankWest.

I was at the game yesterday sitting in the Eastern Stand. Roaring myself hoarse along with the other Eels fans. The reception giving to MS as he scored those tries was something to remember for some time. He was affected by the reception. I think the fans in the Eastern Stand are the true believers. It was a game to remember. I think it was the only game under Arthur`s coaching that we came from behind at half time and won, I can't recall another. But I can recall many where we were in front well into the second half and were then run down. I hope Sunday was not an exception to the rule but will become the rule.

I think we were lucky to win on Sunday. In this competition, one mistake can cost you a win. The Eels made enough mistakes to lose six games. St George could not take advantage of our mistakes and had a few of their own. Tepi M was the worst offender, dropping the ball, once when over the try-line! too often. He does not pass the ball much but yesterday he tried his hand at it and each time the Dragons ended up with the ball. If there is one side you do not want to make any mistakes against it is the Storm who make very few themselves and thrive on the possession given to them The obvious solution is to put Tepi M back to Wenty where he can work on his error rate. The problem is his defense was good stooping several near breakthroughs. So if he is returned to Wenty his replacement needs to be as good a defender as Tepi and mistake free. Is there anyone in 2nd grade who fits that bill? We need to cut our error rate right down if we are to challenge the Storm.

I know people are not going to believe this but yesterday when leaving my seat after the game a woman sitting three seats away from me stood up and gave me a hug as I passed her! And she was encouraged to do it by her husband! He said to her: He is an Eels supporter! She was much younger than me, she would have to be! and a true blond. If they have reserved seats I may be in for another hug next game. But, I fancy that is only likely if the Eels win. If they lose, they are not so accommodating. If only this all happened sixty years ago? I remember way back then a woman gave me a hug I said What is going on? Why are you doing that? She said because you remind me and the other ladies of Errol Flynn. I said you know what he was up to? She said yes I do that's why I gave you a hug--you are so unlike him!! I said: Thanks very much. You remind me of Marilyn Monroe!  She said: p... off!

Rugby League is a bad game. For every winner, there is a loser. Yesterday there were many Dragon fans at the game. Many Parramatta residents are St George supporters. They were so happy and enjoying themselves up to half time but at full time they were sad and unhappy. I felt for them. It is a pity that we can`t have a game where everyone is happy at the end.

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  • If you have a hard time hating the Dragons, let me remind you of the 77 GF and the dirty tactics employed via Rod Reddy and co. Add to that a ref that was employed by Penfolds!!!

  • Robert you dined out on the "kiss" a few years back and now its the "hug".

    I have suspicion you didn't actually get to the Stadium at all and you were in the back row of chairs at the Rydalmere Home for delinquent old age sex offenders and accidently bumped into a nurse watching the game on TV.

    With regard to any confusion between you and Errol Flynn, i think you may have remembered that Errol was so big he had to wrap it round his your case it was just tripping over your catheter cord!


  • Gees Bob - do you only go to games because of the prospect of being touched by strangers?

  • She was a blonde Robert and we know how dumb blondes are.

    • Oi !!

      steady there 

  • Robert, you know where to go if you want a happy ending.

  • The fans in the eastern stand are the true believers please explain ha ha ha. 

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