Further additions for 2021

A post made on Social media todsayinf just as the heading Further additions will be made to our Roster in the coming weeks and months to ensure that the Parramatta eels will be able to challenge for the premiership in 2021. Any sugustions guys on who will be added ??

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        • I am not so sure that winning the Premiership makes a powerhouse club. Look at cronulla when they won the Premiership. They never were considered a power house club.

          First and foremost the amount of club members is a clear indication of the standing of the club in the community. Then there is the consistency of the clubs performances over the seasons/ season. Again a pretty good average over the last 2 seasons. The other thing that makes a Power house club is the NRL regard for the club itself.

          Parramattas Power House standing was at its peak when Fitzgerald had the reins. Fitzgeralds standing with the NRL at its prime. Thats why Fitzgerald was called the Emperor.

          Parramattas standing as a Syjdney Club is pretty high.In a previous blog that I wrote ( that was deleted) and I should not have blurted it out stated that, from the mouth of one of the top 3 directors of the NRL  ' It is a great day when Parramatta make the Semi Finals for the NRl'. The team, the supporters and the merchandise in total making up the Powerhouse. The Powerhouse includes the nursery when it is managed correctly. As a supporter of Parramatta you are part of that PowerHouse. Perhaps you dont have the mindset to support parramatta. Are you a fair weather supporter?. I am 63, a parramatta supporter forever. If your blood does not flow blue and gold , if you dont support the supporters then you are not a full blood parramatta supporter. That makes youa a Moggle / a half blood.

          I dont know what people call a improvement from position 3. In my opinion not going backwards on the ladder is a difinate improvement. And a coach that can get his team to position 3 on the ladder is better than all the coaches that finished below him.

          We dont need to go into the board. The club is profitable , do you want to change that?

          We all know what we would like. We can dream. But then there is reallity. The reallity is  ---- we finished 3rd this year and that is a great result for the club. The players should be proud of their efforts this year because most of their supporters are proud of their team.


          • Don, another good post & I essentially agree with the vast majority of what you have said. As an eels Supporter I have 10 years on you and went through the hairy times and then the premiership wins.  I stood for a Football club board position in the 70's and missed by 4 votes, following year we move to the South Coast, so the aspect of missing the position, was in our best interests.

            As for the Emperor.  He brought a lot to the club especially respect in its early days, but as time went on and his emperors clothes became a bit scraggy with a number of decisions that  were very much unwise and on occassion after we returned to Sydney I had time with him and discussed several areas of where the club was heading. Like many other supporters I knew we all could see that rather than just an emperor as such, he had actually taken a number of steps that would have him as boss for life, he was in his own opinion the only one who could run the club, some called him a dictator by that time, others felt he was an emperor of the old China dynasty types.

            The old saying about its better to move on early, rather than being moved on later well applies to Denis, and that is where his real downfall can be found, he did not believe the club would or could survive without him. When he was voted out and the new era commenced, I would not like to go through those times again, its taken a lot to get us where we are at now, maybe a lot need to remember how it was and where it is now, it may not be perfect now, but gee! its better than it has been for some time now.

        • Does anyone realise that it is the players who play football every week?

          Does anyone think that the training routines are designed for the team to fail?

          Bennet in Newcastle is a great example. Newcastle are playing badly. Bennets response  ------   its because the players are not doing what Bennet is training them to do. If the players are untrainable/unteachable in the skills of Rugby League the it is a losing team. Excellence does not have a day off.

          If a player does not have the desire to be his best then he cant be considered a Professional Footballer. Putting in creates excellence not medioricy. Willingness/desire and drive create excellence.

          The mentallity comes with excellence. There is no evidence that you will have a good game if you have a good breakfast.

      • don while I can admit you have some good points in your reply, I cannot believe "supposedly" professional footballers would start tanking games in a little girly hissy fit because they do not have a certain coach at the helm.

        OOPS, was that sexist, Poppa and me is getting confoozed over these comments.

        Your last paragraph smacks of acceptance of the mediocrity we have had at the club for more years than this old brain can remember. Stability is not consistency or a great indicator of improvement.

        If you are not playing to win, why bother getting out of bed? If you are prepared to accept less, that makes you a loser imo. (nothing personal mate)

        We had a relatively soft draw for a lot of the season, BUT, we either lost, or struggled to beat a lot of bottom 8 teams. UNACCEPTABLE!

        Like game stats, the table position is not always a great indicator of where the team is in reality.

        • Sir Col, can I remind you of a Parramatta halfback that was tanking?


          • Your statement still smacks of acceptance of mediocrity regardless of who was tanking.

            Then you come back with the tired old blackmail BS stunt - if you don't suppport through thick and thin you are a moggle, or words to that effect.

            Accept it mate, you are like a flag in a ever changing wind.

            Bottom line as I stated, positional stats do not reflect the true position of the team and its ability to compete on the big stage.

            • I agree. But if there were not average players playing first grade there would not be enough players to form a comp.

              I am , I can. Yep sometimes they play like ....... Sometimes they come last in the comp. We are wearers of the blue and gold jersey and proud of it.

              There are fair weather supporters  and i saw a lot of them this year in brisbane. Actually it supprised me how bad it was. Dissapointing really. I dont need a reason to support parra. I am a parra supporter


              • They are freeking Knuckle Dragging Rock Ape QueeRZlanders mate - fair weather supporters are far more solid than them, just look at how the Donkey's supporters have almost completely disappeared into thick air, look at the support for the Toads now they are getting beaten.

                Bad comparrison son. lol

                I think your comment re average players is subjective. Average comapred to what or who?

                If you are talking strictly FG standard then yes some could be classed as average, however imo the Eels are not carrying any unless you are part of "We gotta hate someone" brigade. I think our players, at worst, are above a lot of other team's FG players.

  • The last year beven French was here he got rag dolled because when he received the ball he usually only had about one metre to move ,a small player has to receive an early ball ,just watched him playing for Wigan scored a hat trick winning 52-12 being involved in just about every try ,read the play brilliantly ,don't knock this kid ,

  • I think BA is the guy to be our head coach but there needs to be a change in his support staff. Brad carried this club through a really rough time so he has proved what type of person he is.

    Brad can coach or we wouldn't of finished 5th, last season and 3rd, this season, However , Making the right change in the support staff could be massive. Barrett at the Panthers has been huge. The Eels players looked mentally exhausted at the end of the season and struggled to make the right decisions so certainly someone that can sort that issue would be good.

    Four Eels in the Origin squad, 2020 Fullback of the year, 2019 Halfback of the year. Add in all the talent around them & another off season for some very good young players and it certainly looks good going into 2021.

    Enjoy the off season Eels fans.

    We have become a regular finalist team and I look forward to seeing them playing finals in 2021.

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