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Looks like Frankies blog about Magpies blog has now been closed. Oh the irony.

In any case, I'm curious to know why these blogs would be closed? Sure they might be getting a bit long winded and repetitive, but at the very least couldn't the moderator closing the blogs at least post why they are closing them?

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          • So true mate, the not in my backyard brigade.

            Sure let's let them all in, but not next door to me, Tank can put up with them all....

            • Absolutely spot on there. Lets see where the heavy numbers of new arrivals have been located.

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      • Pretty much the opposite of 1 through 10 Tad.....

    • Frank, I read a story yesterday about the left and right, and was going to post it on one of the other blogs that is now closed. Here is the link for anyone that is interested:

      The reason I thought of this again now is your point #4. Who was it that said Bob Hawke was the champion of wealth redistribution while living in a $15million house?

      The Deep Roots of Left vs. Right
      And how to get both wings to fly together.
      • Good article MeelK and a good observation of the struggle between left and right.

        The author is correct of course, we do need a balance to keep society at large balanced. Too much of either leaning can be detrimental to any countries citizens - I'm just calling for less of this leftist nonsense that's all.


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      • Can't let this one slide TAD sorry...

        1  A quick google view showed that there are quite a few Republican Gay Politicians. There are some in Australia and Britain who are gay conservatives as well.. GOOGLE SOME MORE, Think you will find that the left is swarming with gays.

        2. I am not sure that being concerned about the environment is related to Political Ideology.left or right. Most people are concerned about the environment. Yes the majority are but not to the point of obsession or psychosis.

        3 Do conservatives love people more than Animals.? Interesting one Frank.. Although conservatives love animals we still love our children and family more....

        4 The left introduced Medicare, The disability scheme,, Education resourcing and are more service-oriented. Oh so they are the ones who are responsible for our increasing debt, no wonder.

        5 The left are more Artistic Thanks Frank I will take that one. Yes they are, explains their over dramatic reactions to things like election losses and climate change. lefties pretend to love nature--- I don,t know about that one, I see a lot of Wealthy conservatives driving around cities in 4 wheel drive Landcruisers. Yes that right. The left are busy peddling to a cafe or park (not work) on two wheels and whilst conservatives are busy sitting in traffic trying to get to work.

        7 Lefties tend to be more emotional rather than rational. I would rather cry seeing a Koala bear burn to death rather than say Bad Luck that is the way of the world. I cry too. At funerals or when someone close passes away but I don't cry because someone called me a right winger.

        8.?? Yes the left are very keen on latest trends including fashion, latest coffees and technologies.

        9 They tend to be sore losers? I have never seen conservatives celebrating a loss mate. Conservatives aren't the ones chaining themselves to trees, or blocking traffic to make a point about climate change or burning entire cities because Trump won an election - that's the left.

        10 They constantly lie. Nixon, Clinton and now Trump--- They all lie. Yes they all lie I agree but the left lie and get the support of other liars like MSM, Scientists and Educators.

        There you go TAD.

        • GAY

          • You'd know

          • Was an outstanding summary muppet.

            Franks on the money again

      • Good effort Tad, I said in another post you hadn't which was a mistake. Corrected! 

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