• Yeah..i read somewhere that they were going to announce Jenko after the GF.

    Maybe Will Chambers who is also on the market after being told by the Storm elsewhere may be an option. It was reported he might return to yawnion. I wouldn't pay anything more than what were reportedly offering Jenko to stay (400K). 31+ players IMO shouldn't be offered more than a 1 year contract at a time.

    Taka can be useful and probably played his best ever footy after being dropped last year but he too is 30+.

    • He's already committed to playing out his career in Japanese Rugby.

  • All of the media reports were that MJ had re-signed on a two year deal. What is going on? As for Taka, yes would keep him due to his ability to fill multiple roles.  Great bench player option, but has to be on realistic $ these days. PFOTH, it was reported Chambers is going back to Union.  


  • Clearing the decks for a big name player?

    I also thought Jennings was sorted. Interesting, or just bullshit journalism.

    • My understanding is that MJ has agreed to terms and a 2 year deal, also Taka may have also signed for a single year and seen as a utility.

  • Need to keep Mennings as Parry isn't ready for 1st grade. Defence is ordinary. 

    If Mennings doesn't resign we may need to look at Guth to centre and then I don't know to FB

    • Guth to centre. Valentine to FB. Just saying.

      • Val Holmes will demand 1 mil. Gutho in the centres won't be as effective as FB. He lacks bulk to be a good centre. A good centre has a bit of meat on them.

  • Forget what ever we think because we all know Brad Arthur will always pay overs for older guys has proven track record for being shit at recruitment.

    If we want to win a premiership I would keep Jennings on 1 year deal with Taka. Both can take a nice hefty paycut as they both play the same position. So we got depth there. Nobody else offering jennings a 2 year deal then why the fuck are we. He can fuck off  if he thinks he can get a longer term deal.

    If I am the doing the retention.

    Jennings 1 year deal 275k thats it. He is no longer a match winner or doing anything special out on the field.

    Taka 1 year deal 250k thats it. He is really a bench player but a popular player with the boys so you pay a little extra for that.

    If either player walks we have no choice but to blood parry and deal with his inexperience.

    We also have salmon who can play center at a pinch if required.

    We still need to find 1 rep back rower and add matterson to the squad as well. If the tigers want a swap deal, then we should send taka or evans or alvaro over there.

    Still do not know who our backup fullback is for next year given french has gone and hoffman hasnt signed either.

    Interesting what happens in the next 2 months but I am hoping we get rid of the dead wood and buy a couple of players

    • Shit at recruitment?








      Brown x2



      Not too shabby..


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