• Money and easy at that can corrupt anyone.

  • Very surprised to read this. Drug use is an issue all over Australia but may be more prevalent on the Gold Coast.

    • LOL - Gordon's mistake was going into business in opposition to the local police imo.

      Common saying on the Glitter Strip - If you want to get drugs, ask a cop.

      • Now it makes total sense.......

        Obviously, you and your rent boys have a problem with the police on the Glitter Strip.

        Been arrested a few too many times working the Strip SIR COL ?

        That's why Poppa COMES to the rescue all the time and looks for help from the other bum chums like Franky Wrong.

        Maybe if you ask  Poppa to BOHICA!   (Bend Over Here It Comes Again!) He might bite the pillow tonight, Sir Col

        And when you are finished you too will hear the Poppa sound.


        You boys will be known as Rent Boys For Life 




        • Better than being a FWFL.

          • x 2

          • LOL, hey Mushy is that a double hatrick or a triple.....4 is a double, 5 is a triple......never heard of anyone scoring a triple before. 

            Looks like Bam Bam could get a gong for life on this site ....Yes the GOAT, greatest of all time fcuk wits, now that is an achievement, especially on here!

            I think he has done it.....even we can't compete with that much stupidity......fancy me and Frankie as bum chums.....Snake will be devastated

            • Well done Rentboy


            • Put Snake in the middle as a Double adaptor and you might get away with it. TeeHee

              Just when we thought it could not possibly get any more stupider on here, along comes Ping Pong FWFL.

  •  Yes agreed, super nice guy and now charged with this. If true very silly. Always seemed like a good guy. Gold Coast.... :(

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