Finals Week 2 - Team List

  1. Gutho
  2. Dunster
  3. Blake
  4. Penisini
  5. Fergo
  6. D Brown
  7. Moses
  8. RCG
  9. Lussick/Stone
  10. Paulo
  11. Papali'i
  12. Matto
  13. N Brown
  14. W Smith
  15. Makatoa
  16. Lane
  17. Kaufusi
  18. Carty
  19. Opacic
  20. Perham
  21. Stone / Hipgrave

* Niukore suspended

* Lussick back from injury.

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  • Going to need go forward all game v Rif 

    maybe 4 fwd bench





    • Whenever we need more go forward, BA just gives our starting forward pack for more minutes rather than give more minutes to his bench forward.

      • Maybe cause the bench player dont have the same go forward and impact as Paulo and Rcg.

        Makatoa and Cartwright were average at best and Paulo and Rcg were incredible

        • Yea. That is why I am saying, we dont need 4 forwards on the bench.

          • Okay, I definitely agree to that. A utility is a must 

    1. Gutho
    2. Dunster
    3. Blake
    4. Penisini
    5. Fergo
    6. D Brown
    7. Moses
    8. RCG
    9. Lussick
    10. Paulo
    11. Nikure 
    12. Lane
    13. N Brown
    14. Stone
    15.  Papalili 
    16.  Matterson 
    17. Khafusi


    Matterson has to get in in front of Cartwright. Matto has been much more solid and has been a mainstay in the starting team.  No way Cartwright is in front of Matto that's bs.


    Stone has done enough to get a bench spot although Smith covers plenty of positions so that's a toss up.


    Khafusi gets in front of Makatoa with experience and rested.  Khafusi is better and we need his size

    • Great team, I would go almost the same but have Will Smith over stone for his utility value. To me Gutho's Knee just doesnt look right and know one else could cover him

      Makato and Cartwright didnt have enough impact for my liking, Kaufusi and Matto in . Papali to stay on the bench, the people saying he didn't have a impact needs to look at the stats 197m and 34 tackles 

      • Makatoa was pulled off after that miss for the try.  I didn't see him gey back on . he's out. He only got 14 minutes and 30 meters.   Makatoa won't feature again unless there's injuries 

        • He missed the tackle for the try and also another one he grabs too much in Defence.

      • Smith's charge down was dumb which led to a try

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