The toughest, longest and most boring ORF SEEZUN ever is breaking us .

This is a sure sign the Eels will smash the competition in 2021 simply because even the famed 1EE Execution Squad are silent.

Nothing more than a few whimpers about the colour of the oranges or how much water is in the refreshement bucket and that's it.

Lefty Looneys, Righty Tighties and Centreist morons running riot about some Bullshit non event way over the other side of the world but NO real DOOM & GLOOM predictions for 2021 concerning the Eels.

To stimulate our senses it has become my passion to educate all on the Pros and Cons of watching paint dry.

We could digress to watching grass grow if you wish.

Please remember, spare a thought for those of us that are not up ourselves and think we know everything, those of us with intelligence because;

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  • Col, are you any good at suduko? And I don't mean the piss easy one's - I mean the one's that take like over an hour to solve if you even get that far. You've got to use some serious logic to solve them, not just put the numbers in the boxes. I've got an app on my phone and that fills in a fair bit of time if you are bored. Otherwise there's always cricket.

    • dont worry Mushy, i got some stuff from the Shawn Redemption file.

    • Thereyou go again with that cricket thing Adam - I am sure watching paint dry is far more exciting than cricket.

      As for Sudoko - I have no interest in the game, people have tried to explain it to me and I go to sleep from boredom.

      What I have done several times over the past several months - can't do several times in a few months, that would be out of balance - however back to my story, I have downlaoded kids games (plus solitaire and its variants) play them for a week or so, get bored, delete them, then go download others that are pretty much the same but loook different. Get bored - repeat.

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  • Sir Col, do you know how paint dries?. 

    For instance, a water based paint dries by the evaporation of the water, this only takes a matter of hours in a water based paint but, the paint needs to cure, and this can take up to 4-5 days, depending on where the painted object is situated. 

    This means, if you are painting one of your kids rooms, and your kid wants stickers stuck on the walls, make sure the stickers are porous, otherwise the paint could blister. The best solution is to wait the 4-5 days until the paint cures, then it won't matter whether the stickers are porous or non porous. Hope this helps you in your "paint drying" journey.

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