Feeling Sorry for Broncs

The refereeing in this game has been the most one sided I have seen all year. Putrid. 6-1 penalties, 4 Broncs on report etc etc. 

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  • Make that 7-1 and 5 reported players. Ennis is a dickhead by the way.

  • All the good work done to speed up the game has gone to shit due to an overreaction last week, here we go down to 11 players the donkeys.. 

    • It's a joke Mick. In the real world both of those incidents only warranted a penalty.

      • Agree Meelk, V'landys has dropped the ball on  this one... Both games are terrible advertisement for the game definitely not magic round 

    • I was thinking just that. All the good work has been undone. Now all the commentary is focused on who is sin binned. Going back 4-5 tackles to penalise for some minor contact. 13 on 11 has crippled the spectacle completely. 
      All the wonderful work that sped the game up and made it a game we've been crying out for, for years. Then they ruin their own product. 
      I get they don't want head contact but talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. Just dumb. 

      • Agree this game will finish at 10:00, so how many stoppages tonight? 2 steps forwards 10 steps back. 

      • Nah! its cutting the head off to preserve the neck, just need to add a big pickling jar.

  • The game rooted. RIP rugby league 

    • Yep unbelievable 

    • What do you call this kinda soup Slugg?

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