Everyone Happy with a New Prime Minister?

It appears we have a new Prime Minister in Australia Mr. Anthony Albanese. I'm not exactly sure what he will bring to the table besides an Italian dish of spaghetti. I'm not a political guru and tend to think the majority of policians are similar to professional Rugby League players looking for a new contract. They appear to play their best but once the contract is signed they revert back into their cocoon of safety first. Can't really remember the last great Aussie Prime Minister that really put the people's and nations interest first. Let's hope this bloke delivers the goods and makes Australia great again.

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                    • What about peer reviewed academic papers from career historians? That was for your info, not mine. I don't know much about much, but I know history, particularly this time period.

                    • This is for others info, not mine. I've taught this stuff for 15 years. Like I said in the post to Snake, the very thing that made the fighting between the Nazis and the Communists so vicious on the Eastern front was the ideology divide. It's a non argument within historical debate, the Nazis were Fascists ( Hard Right) the Commies were faaarrr left. The Nazis rounded up and exterminated socialists, communists and anarchists alongside the Jews, Homosexuals and disabled in the concentration camps.

                    • Magpie, do you think it would be reasonable to say that many of those that were rounded up were becasue of 1 of 2 main reasons:

                      1. Politcal ideology

                      2. Didn't fit the mould of the aryan race

                    • " im also part German".

                      That explains alot.....😉

                    • Snake's got alot of German DVD's as well Maggie - they're not WW2 era but you might be interested mate, just for the sake of research :)

                    • Ayran race stuff fits under political ideology.  Germany wasn't isolated on the whole "master race"  thing, Eugenics was all the rage in European sciences and the political classes at the time. Here was a " Science" derived from Darwinism and genetics that justified European dominion and domination over other people's and places because they were more highly "evolved". A scientific justification for European colonialism.

                      The " Ayran race" thing was more a propaganda / marketing piece for the Nazis to pitch to the German populous of the time to envision themselves as, aspirational if you will.

                      P.S. The Nazis modelled the way in which Australia had attempted to remove  its Indigenous people from the general population and place them together in one place on "reserves" and the U.S. Indian " Reservations" system when theye began dealing with the " Jewish Problem".

    • Haha he will end up being a monumental disaster.

      He will end up being a puppet for WEF and sign us up to every single globalist policy around.

      If you aren't familiar with WEFs globalist policies then mousy on over to their website and learn your fate.

      • Can't wait to see the PM's jet parked at Davos next week In amongst the other wannabe Dr Evil's.  

        Got to love the .1%ers meeting to discuss how they can get richer and have more power.  Albo will fit right in with trudeau, macron, johnson, whoever merkels replacement is and biden in pushing along the global agenda.

        Cant wait till we have blood passports, being tracked, traced and monitored for compliance.  What's not to love..

  • Should go well

  • The only things that concern me with a Labor/Greens party are there obvious push for the LGBTQI agendas in the educational curriculum in schools and also the Gender Identity Issues. The other areas of concerns are the Global Warming debates, Abortion debates and selling the country to foreign ownership

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