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  • Im pretty sure this is the first time a parra trial will be livestreamed.
    Fox televised the parra vs penrith trial in 2016.
    But besides a supporter making an effort with his camcorder (did a great job)
    And im pretty sure this will be a first were an actual club will stream an Eels trial.
  • What time will it be raid
    • Mate she'll be hooked up 4 ya through the laptop to the big screen via the hdmi chord with a sizzling blueberry and mint hubbly bubbly just to cam the nerves down.
      If that won't entice you then don't know what will.
  • Woo hoo!!
  • Fox not doing it?

  • Just tried to buy my tickets for the match and it's sold out, capacity of 6,500 approx. Watching online seems a good option now.

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