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  • I got my tickets and member pack today, and for a guy who has been a member since 1986, and a platinum member, the stuff sent put is pretty crappy tbh. Very tinny. All will be binned. No scarf, even though I have a few, and the cap is disappointing to look at, and in the sense that yoi either pick it up at a game or pay $10 to have ot mailed out. Not great Parra, given I did not ask for a refund on my money last year. Think you could have done better than that.

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  • I think the administration or whoever is responsible for the contents of the membership packs need to start thinking outside the box and make the packages more creative and give people a bit more incentive and rewards for being loyal supporters. 

    • Totally agree Monto, and with all other comments. Thanks for eveyone's input

  • Poppa, I was on the verge of sending the membership dept an email expressing my disappointment in the quality of the member packs, but chickened out for fear of getting in trouble. I don't want to lose my membership after being a member for 35 years I, like a lot of other people I would imagine, did not seek a refund on our tickets for last year. The club did thank us, and will be sending members who did not seek a refund a free training shiet with their name on it ( I believe, so I guess that is something. Said members will also have their names engraved on a board in the new Centre of excellence, whenever that will be completed, although being disabled, and unable to drive, I don't know if I will get to see that, even though I don't live far away from where it will be.

  • mine got mailed out free weeks ago and totolly agree about the cap it looks like its made for a kid 





  • Agree. 

  • Believe it or not, I got an email this arvo from a guy from the footy office who I deal with and have met. We have the same surname, but are not related. He said he saw my comments about the member packs on a FB forum (???) and wondered how he could help. He also asked me what I thought should go in them next year.. I told him I thought the packs were the worst they had ever been and of very poor and tinny quality.

    I suggested a few things that I thought may be good for next year, but I also told him I was not the only one complaining about the packs, so I reckon the more people complain to the footy office the better. People power folks.

  • I got a response to my email from Hayden from the foity office. He waa really nice and appreciated my feedback re the member packs. Amongst other things he said that he appreciated that the cap situation will not please everybody, and the key rings would not be everyone's cup of tea. He said the supplier that had, had previously been providing good quality items, but there may be changes to next years pack including the return of a metal key ring. 

  • I love these threads!

    Every year, around this time, certain muppets on this forum bitch about the quality of their Chinese made horseshit merchandise in the supporters pack!

    Lads, you're paying for the season tickets - the rest is as much use as cheap showbag at the Easter Show - and I would have thought you all would have learned that by now!

    Either pay for your season tickets, pay for Foxtel like me (so I don't have to rub shoulders with half you idiots at the ground) or shut the fuck up!

    • Personally, I buy season tickets because I know you'll be watching at home ;-)

      • Wise decision! I can be pretty antisocial when we lose ;-)

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