• Great post - so many salty comments about parra getting this in the comment section on Facebook 

    • Oh I saw that too 


  • It won't matter from an Eels perspective anyways.

    We don't develop players from Kellyville, only Rouse Hill.

    • Well found Carlo, its the start of something big, opens up to the vision that true Parra supporters want to see.

      Its a shame that people like JB just find it as another way of white anting!

      • Well he is kinda right from that perspective 🤔but anyways I'm more about -

        - the status it gives the club 

        - the facilities it gives to junior sport 

        now if we could just get the TPA thing right or existing even 🙄we would be set 🥳🥳

        • yes, the TPA's or the like are an imperative if we are going to take that next step.

          • How do we improves these poppy? 

          • The use of TPA is limited 

  • Great blog carls, great to see it has the go ahead and funding.

    I just hope no womens sports are allowed there.

    • Too late my friend too late 

This reply was deleted.

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