Dylan Brown‘s management meets with dolphins

AF47F16D-AC7E-4492-92AB-EE3597A1E1E0.pngApparently Dylan Brown management has met with the Dolphins. They are prepared to pay 1 million minimum. There is also rumours on Social media suggestioning  Parramatta have to choose Mitchell Moses or Dylan Brown?. I for the love of god cannot understand this and where has all our money gone? Losing all the players last year surely meant we have enough to offer brown and Moses what they are happy with. Have we got something to be worried about or is the media just blowing smoke l? 

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          • I doubt they would offer Dylan 1.5mil like they did Munster but if they do, that's their own stupid decision. 

            No player is worth 1.5mil.

            If they do offer him that then I highly doubt we could match it and nor should we.

            There has to be a ceiling on our side and 1 million dollars should be it.

            • Eels have paid a lot of $ for Dylan's potential. If he was on a mill this year most pundits would be saying he under achieved. The onious is on Dylan if he wants a mill play like a million dollar player.

              Dylan still struggles to force himself into a game, turn a game,  Yes glimpses of skill and ability, still floating in and out of games.

              He may be the full package at 24/25, then pay the mill plus.

              I disagree with Poppa, his World Cup performances were good, far from brilliant. Some stages he was in the game and stepping up, but again to often hanging back waiting for something to happen. He had a GOOD series, certainly not BRILLIANT.


              • Yes, Graham you make some fair points.

                If you examine the world cup no single player actually owned a game in the final series, who was MOM in the actual final......I didn't hang around to take note, but no one broke the door down.

                Brilliance is a word that has limitations these days, the halves are lay down's for MOM when the forwards dominate, rarely see a half MOM on a losing side. I think you find the word brilliant in matches where a total domination occurs. I said for example that if Cleary and Moses were switched in the GF, Moses would have been more dangerous than Cleary (not arguing Moses v/s Cleary)but styles and circumstances make these things happen. Brown outside of Cleary in the Penrith side may have shone over Luai, a player I rate on the world stage. Brown would certainly have had a lot more room against the Parra pack. I think the best half in the world is actually Storm's Hughes....he like Cleary can play like a forward whereas Moses can't ( cant have it both ways)...... I think that is where the difference is and also explains Hunt's performances for St George where he was "briiliant" as a half/forward for a side that lacked brilliance, Hunt would have been a much less a standout if he was playing in a dominant side. Not saying he still would not have played well, just others would be doing what he was nearly doing on his own.

                Maybe the days coming where the Moses style half and say Cherry Evans as well are becoming less as a guide to taking you around the field than the forward/half style.

                Worth thinking about that, maybe Moses who plays very wide can be effective as a centre or even a fullback. I believe Moses needs a dominant side to be the half we expect him to be. Moses playing in the nines with lots of room out wide was player of the tournament in that last Interrnational series.

                PS I should be careful what I am saying here as BA will have JA hopping into half and Moses in the centres!

                PS 2, I think that is why Hodgson is the guy to organise our forwards like say Hughes, Cleary and Hunt do for their respective teams....interesting times if he stays fit and is used correctly.

                • Good points, I agree MM plays to wide to often. Agree if Hodgo stays fit he will improve the lines our forwards run. He also plays the short ball well which will pull MM in closer to the play and with Mitchell's off the mark speed gets in behind defences that will give Penisini room to move. I personally think Hogo is a good buy.

                  If we pick up Marty T and keep both our halfs the Eels will be in the mix in 2023. 

                  As for Jake, his been given the rails run, time he prove he deserves a bench spot. It's not the kids fault but BA needs to select on merit.

                  In 2023 BA could turn out to be the Eels major flaws and his selection.

        • It's a big call to predict that nobody is going to show up as a viable option in the 2023 season.


          Its a bigger call to splash over a million on a bloke that hasn't really stood up as yet. Young kids and big paydays can be the devil. I don't trust his attitude that he won't put his hands in his pockets . 

          • We have to agree to disagree Wiz.

            I believe Dylan did stand up this year which was a big part of us making the GF and him getting picked to play for his country. 

            He may not have done it on a consistent basis but he definitely did stand up and consistency will come with age.

            I know you rate Munster highly as do I but he wasn't a picture of consistency this year either.

            You are right that it might to early to make a call on other players not being viable options next year but the ones we do know about are already locked down and any that aren't are new guys coming through who will be where Dylan was 2 years ago. Full of potential that won't fully materialise for a couple more years. 

            • He was great on a handful of occasions , agree 100% .  If he could play like that even every second game I'd pay him a million for sure. 

              But he just has that vibe about him for me , Haynesque like , wheras he thinks his best is only needed when it suits him. 

              • I understand where you are coming from Wiz with regards to there being a Haynesque (love that term by the way) vibe with Dylan but it could also be attributed to his age and lack of maturity. Once he matures and starts putting in brilliant performances more consistently, I wouldn't want him playing against us.

            • Yes, and the million dollars will come with consistency and age. His 22, at 24 and proven he is a champion then offer million plus.

              You pay so much for potential and DB has certainly been paid on potential. I think Dylan knows this and will resigned for around 850k for 3 years. When his 25 and playing to this potential then demand the mill.

              But and a big but, if 2022 is the best Dylan has got he will never be a million dollar player at a strong club.

          • Wizards Sleeve agreed here; look at guys like Nicho Hynes; showed promise in Melb in a good system and stood up for Cronulla this year, albeit one year only but their entire team played well all season. Maybe Cronulla over achieved and time will tell. Time will tell if Hynes becomes an elite type player but gee he stood up and he is not being paid the cash DB is. I would like to DB stay on for anohter 3 yrs and be consistent.....sounds simple.

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