Dylan Brown‘s management meets with dolphins

AF47F16D-AC7E-4492-92AB-EE3597A1E1E0.pngApparently Dylan Brown management has met with the Dolphins. They are prepared to pay 1 million minimum. There is also rumours on Social media suggestioning  Parramatta have to choose Mitchell Moses or Dylan Brown?. I for the love of god cannot understand this and where has all our money gone? Losing all the players last year surely meant we have enough to offer brown and Moses what they are happy with. Have we got something to be worried about or is the media just blowing smoke l? 

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    • Ponga only plays a handful of games every year. And gets caught with Mann in a toilet cubicle on game day while he is club captain. So that's probably a no. Worst captain in the NRL.


      • There you go; money and fame all for it to be pissed up in a Newcastle toilet.

  • Rumours are a Sydney club offered Nanai $900 a season.  If a rookie backrower can get that, then Dylan can get a million as an experienced grand final and international half with plenty of years ahead of him.  

    Meanwhile the same media that said Parra can't afford both Moses and Dylan have linked the eels with Nanai which shows it is all just made up or taken off social media.   With all the speculation of what will happen, someone will be right when it all settles and will claim they told us so and that they know everything. 

    They will then try and guess more signing news with the rest of people with no knowledge other then a mate told them.  There mate being a random social media post which will start the cycle again when the next set of contracts are getting negotiated.

    • Fake, good point. i doubt our club would be offering Nanai that money; and would also assume the club has set aside funds for both MM and DB; and this would also be dependent on the final cap for next season and beyond. Parra to my understanding have never forked out that type of money for a forward, and Watmough was paid well when he was here and Foran was a disaster. I think clubs who would / could offer Nanai that $$$ would outside the 8...but i could be wrong.

      • You know what Mitchy, for some reason i feel it could be us. I know what you are saying in that Parramatta wouldn't offer that money but with the apparent upgrade in the cap we offer players what they are valued. Could we valure Nanai at $840k a year? I could see us valuing him that much. Not saying that is a right value or not but we can be interested in spending that much if value it there.

        Though on the other side we rarely do it also, it would be extremely out of character, but pleasant change if they do it.

        • LB  mate you could be right but lets look at it, Matto / RCG / Paulo and Lane to lesser extent all on v good contracts, and Hodgson as DH and we throw a shit load at this guy who's had one v good year and hes a forward? If so, we would want to be moving someone on soon.....Look i am all for it LB on the outside but to me its not what we normally do when we let guys go last season and didnt offer them overs.

          To me we need a balance of workers on moderate money with some talent in the pack; with younger guys coming in. I also feel along with key players in the halves and a decent fullback; we have no game breaker besides on the odd occasion DB does something / Moses sets up a play or a Lane freak offload. For me we need some pace in the backline somewhere.

          • Agree Mitchy. We lost players on low money contracts. Desperate clubs offered big money to lure players based on the potential of what these clubs can achieve in 2023

            The Eels have spent a lot of money on upgrading the players they see are critical to the future of the club.

             I could not see that the current club management, based on what they have done so far, would offer overs for Nannai when they are still trying to secure MM, Dylan and Penisini.

            Nannai has had a big first year. As a first year player that is well and truly overs. No forwards are worth huge salaries when they don't play 80 minutes.

             I think that the Cowboys have learned the lesson with the Taumalolo contract 

            • You are spot on here John, and its not often guys leave QLD to come to Sydney. I guess my point is many are comfortable up there and also enjoy the lifestyle and usually have come through the system in QLD and Parra do not pay mega $$ for forwards. I forgot about Penisini, we need to lock him up. To me we also spent a lot on keeping Matto / Lane etc. and hope it pays off....

          • Waqa & Simonsson are our speed 

            • Yeah and not even in the top 20 for speedsters in the NRL I reckon....

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