Dylan Brown‘s management meets with dolphins

AF47F16D-AC7E-4492-92AB-EE3597A1E1E0.pngApparently Dylan Brown management has met with the Dolphins. They are prepared to pay 1 million minimum. There is also rumours on Social media suggestioning  Parramatta have to choose Mitchell Moses or Dylan Brown?. I for the love of god cannot understand this and where has all our money gone? Losing all the players last year surely meant we have enough to offer brown and Moses what they are happy with. Have we got something to be worried about or is the media just blowing smoke l? 

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              • Not seen anything from Simonsson to suggest he has any pace whatsoever. 

            • You can have all the speed, it's the job of the 6 and 7 to make use of that speed. Penisini is reasonably quick and strong. Would love to see him play outside DB and see if they can click.

        • No chance they would value that when there producing guys like Papalli and Lane for significantly less.

          If I'm the front office and I'm spending coin it's only on the positions we haven't developed or got any significant replacements in.I'm also continually scouring the player looking for a change of scenery pool to help build the roster.This is probably Parra's huge success in there building strategy.

  • They were definitely not snorting lines in a pub toilet at the same time their team mates were on the field..... Says knights PR.

  • Looks like our rivals are planing for the future...no guarantees of course but a nice safe guard incase these over valued halfs crumble under the pressure....


    The Bulldogs are undeniably planning for the long term, reflected by signing a 15-year-old prodigy from New Zealand.

    Halfback Aza Mautairi has signed with the club until the end of 2024 after blitzing all comers in his age bracket.

    Mautairi, from South Auckland, played for renowned league nursery Otahuhu Leopards before moving to Queensland this year, representing the Maroons at the under-15 level.

    Welcome to the official Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs website. The only place to visit for all your Bulldogs news, videos, match info, merchandise an…
    • That's the Gould way he's all about the big picture aligning his teams with talent throughout the grades it's so key.

      All the dipshit teams overpay for players developed somewhere else instead of keeping there own house in order.

      • It would be great if DB is resigned, but right now not for 1mii. If Dylan was on a mill plus this year, most pundits would say he under performed. His defence brilliant his attack sometimes brilliant others ordinary.

        Dylan has all the skills and tools to become a champion, or most of them. Dylan still struggles reading the game, knowing opposition weak points. Individual he is yet to come up with 2 or 3 brilliant plays to turn a loss into 2 points. I doubt Dylan spends much of his own time going over the opposition they are going to play next week. Now that's something Cronk use to do.

        I remember Craig Bellyace saying Cameron Munster has the ability and skills to be a million dollar player. When he learns to read a game and use those skills to turn a game he will then be a million dollar player.

        I have seen the same skills and ability in Dylan, and I keep hearing potential. If DB can put all this potential together, and be in the Eels top 3 every week on performance, that makes him the mill player.


  • Player manager's are only interested in gaining commissions and will do whatever they' can to try to get players to change clubs. A bit like real estate agents the more movement the more commission s

  • The Eels have 2 realy good halfs coming through the system in Saunders and Talgai. I watched a bit of Matty Arthur today and being fair his a good 9. We need to follow Gus's line and lock them in now, and give them opportunities.

    • Graham, you are right and we need to; I also felt last season some forwards in reggies were not afforded as much game time as I had hoped. All three you noted need time to develop but have v good skills and potential. We need to keep the good ones and not let them walk anymore.

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