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A lot of people believe that Dylan Brown is not very good and should not be a half and rather play at centre. I am personally a massive Dylan Brown fan and believe he will be a great half. I do agree that his trial peformance was not very good but I will not cast any big judgment on him over 1 game which was also just a trial. You have to also realise it is harder to attack if teams are not obbeying the 10m offside rule and the ref is not calling 6 agains. I don't understand how Klein could do that because the players are not actually getting a proper trial of the new rules. Additionally, all those who have made judgements on Dylan Brown from his first 2 years in the NRL are being overly harsh. The kid is still only 20 years old and suffered couple injuries that kept him from the NRL for many weeks. The injuries didn't help him develop his combination with Moses who also got injured last year. So hopefully both halves can go injury free this year and string many games together so they can develop their combination. 

My only though for Brown is maybe playing a few games in NSW cup as the number 7. It is very challenging for a half to jump straight from SG ball to NRL standards without playing in reserve grade for sometime. Many people believe halves should not debut at a very young age due to the pressure halves have in controlling and winning games. Reserve grade gives young halves the opportunity to learn their craft, mature and develop their game without the pressure of NRL media scrutinising every error you make. This could be very advtangeous in also helping Dylan Brown become an NRL halfback quicker. This would allow Moses to play five-eight which is when he is much more dangerous with his running game as he has less on his mind with Brown than taking more control of the game management aspect. While Brown is in reserve grade developing his game the NRL team could always have Moses at five-eight and Ranking at halfback. Alternately, Will Smith could play. I would not reccomend Jakob Arthur yet, cause like Brown, he should play in reserve gradde to develop his game. 

Thoughts? (P.S - HE IS NOT A CENTRE. lol )

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  • I think he shows great composure and maturity for someone so young.

    He will be the Eels and Kiwis long term #7 if he can develop his kicking game.



  • He's not feeling the pressure, he handles that side of things quite well, almost like he doesn't have a care in the world.

    He won't play reserves, I think he'd see that a a huge demotion and start looking elsewhere. He's talked himself up in the past, claiming he wants $1mill etc

    He needs to start living up to the hype, back himself and play his natural game.

    • Yea I agree he is good with handling pressure. But in terms of developing his game and learning his craft, reserve grade is very important. If he just spend a month or so in reserve grade I don't think he will have any issues hopefully. the $1 million thing was just all a misunderstanding and stuff. Even the all blacks thing was a misunderstanding. He explained it in podcasts I have watched. 

      • Good to hear that was all a misunderstanding, he does seem to have learned from that and handles himself much better publicly. I totally understand why you'd suggest going into reserves to develop. It'd be really interesting to see how he'd handle that. Some people do better being thrown in the deep end while others need to slowly get up to speed. It's getting to the point now where people are thinking it was too much too soon for Dylan. I hope he starts to back himself and pushes through the pressure. I beleive we'll get the answer either way this season

        • Same here. He is my favourite player at the eels. Really want to see him develop and be great. Incase you wanted to hear the podcast with him talking about the All Blacks, and other stuff, on spotify search up Refuse to Loose Podcast. Dylan Brown is episode 14 and it goes for 1 hour. 

          • Cheers, will give it a listen. I like the kid too.

      • He's not worth half of that at the moment 

  • I wouldn't point the finger at Dylan its abvious that our spine don't have good combinations , but I will say his is ability is overhyped - I wouldn't use a skinny 10 as an excuse more so as a challenge, it's just means figuring out how to break down a defense but unfortunately our spine are structured they forget to play what they see. The trial showed that Dylan has taken some of that game management away from Moses which is the right step thats one thing the coaching staff have identified. I think it takes a special talent to debut at a young age and eg Kenny, Fitler but also Lockyer took time  a while to develop I wouldn't put Dylan in that category he is no game breaker but reliable. 

    • Agree, I think Dylan Brown is your run of the mill average number 6, good defender, tough, effort, and generally average reliable.

      • Also remember, players need to take responsibility and think for themselves on the field eg your faced with a skinny 10? Organise the backline and get them deeper 

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