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Don't Count Kaysa Pritchard Out Of Your Calculations, He's In For A Big Year.

Im going to go against the grain a bit and say Kaysa has a lot to offer and will play a big part this year, hes better than many give credit to imo.

Yes Kings more orthodox, a good player,probably can play to a game plan a bit better, he has a bit more structure to his game than KP but with comes a more predictable game.

KP has a few qualities that are hard to measure, his up tempo style of play and energy lifts our pack, his enthusiasm is infectious out there.

Before he was injured i really thought he was really finding his feet at hooker, you could see his confidence building as a player, he was maturing as a rake.

He might not be what youd call a natural hooker but hes got a lot to offer and more improvement to come and nobody can doubt the blokes got a big ticka, he really has a go out there.

Dont count him out Eels fans, im predicting a big year from him this year.

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Pou, excellent stats and info, likewise the two video clips of two hits on Burgess, while he had some help at the end part of the tackles he made the first contact in them and lifted Burgess big time.

When people talk about Kaysa being too small, there are a few players that I would suggest were tough and were not much bigger than him, comparing his weight of 88kg or in the old scale that is 12stone 8lb, that was very much a standard weight for many second rowers and locks.

Tough 80 minute players for the eels and who played in the forwards that would have been similar in weight and stats would include John Baker one of the toughest and hardest players I have ever seen. Most here would know the toughness of Beau Scott, and he plays at a weigh that many props did, in the past, of 15st 8lbs, yet a light weight in todays game too light/small for the game. I would put Baker in his class.

Lets not forget Paul Taylor, who played in in the 2nd row, hooker, lock and halfs and dare to say smaller than Pritchard, 52 tackles on a wet day and unheard of amount of defence when he did that. 

Even though Pritchard misses some tackles, he more often than not tops the tackle count for the eels when he played.  King also did the heavy work and missed as many and more at times than Pritchard.

Apples and Oranges, or just some bitter grapefruit in the mix for many?

I certainly think the two players are at a similar level. I'm amazed at the number of commenters claiming Pritchard doesn't belong in first grade while King seems to be the next NSW hooker.

Colin Kaysa,s activity rate is very high--He often slows momentum of opposing big boppas and gives time for backups to finish them off.Maybe they are called missed tackles in stats but do contribute to defense. I always wonder why so many are critical of the defense by smallest players playing in the ruck fulltime and often responsible for high activity in offense as well.I think that is unreasonable when you consider the overall workload these guys do


They are two different types of hooker, and their biggest problem has been injury. Pritchard has the potential to be as good as Jake Granville, who is a premiership winner and also played in the most recent grand final. King is a poor man's Cam Smith. Between them they make a decent dummy half pairing.

King>>>>>>>>>> Kaysa it's as simple as that.

The 2 hits on Burgess sold me on KP.

Sat him on his ass twice in 1 game..how many hookers have done that?.

What drugs are you on??? If its the tackle I'm thinking of it was another Eels player & Pritchard - as he always does - came in second man.

Have another look:

Tackle 1: https://imgur.com/Q5dBnSq

Tackle 2: https://imgur.com/5b3O85N

First contact was Pritchard both times. Cameron King is a decent player but when has he ever been involved in a tackle like that?

Pou you just destroyed a lot of myths with those 2 clips

We can win a comp with king at 9 not Kaysa.

I think King is the best organiser and we need one badly in our pack/

I also think we missed an opportunity this year in not making Farah an offer he couldn't refuse, he would have been the key organiser our  pack lacks , plus worth 50/60 tackles a game.....not to mention his experience.

Phil made the point our hookers fit in the bottom five, Farah would have given us top 3.


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