If the dogs hire Barrett who is a pure bred dope they are in for some tough times, he's firming for the job apparently.

This will be priceless if they go from Pay to Barrett, its too good to be true.

Will Trent succeed at the dogs if hired?



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  • Hahaaa I hope they do. After all, Trent did so well at Manly! Funny how Manly have gone from a horrible disaster of a team to one of the best with largely the same roster, under Hasler.

    The dogs deserve Trent.

  • Be interesting to see how panthers go without Trent Barrett as an assistant.

    • Just realising this situation is a double win for us if it's true!!

  • Remember Barret claimed a lot of the credit for Manlys success after Hasler took them from 15th to 6th in one year.He did recruit well though with Fanua Blake, Suli and Sironen all added by him.I guess Doogs are a family club no more.

    • I agree, Manly had an opportunity to bring a favourite home & they did. The problem at the Dogs is the office, similar position we were in a few years back. The difference we stuck with our coach & let him fix the roster up. At the Dogs everyone trying to save their well paid jobs. Dean Pay was used, a total disgrace to do this to this champion, he walked into a salary cap mess that the board blame Hasler for. Knowing the Dogs, I bet the board had a lot to do with these long deals some players were on, all the blame was placed on Hasler as he was leaving anyway. Go through that Dogs to 17, it’s not a balanced side, all the good players were released as Pay arrived. 

      • This is the problem when club board elections are contested en masse. As we found out it is fertile ground for tickets to form. Lynne Anderson formed a ticket to overthrow the last mob, now they are making decisions based on winning the next board election.

        Thank you Max Donnelly for removing that nonsense from our club forever.

        • This is the crucial point that no journo seems to be picking up.

          A good portion of Parra's turnaround is attributable to a stable Board / Management heirachy. After years of an extremely hositle political environment corresponding with bottom of the ladder performances, we now have a best in class management structure. This gives the club stability and importantly it means decision making is much more professional. (However as the Broncos have shown it doesn't guarantee no bad calls will be made)

          The Bulldogs are in massive trouble. Think Parra the last 10+ years. Political factionalism is crippling that club and they have zero chance of being a force in the NRL anytime soon. Vested interests, decisions based on re-election, personal bias, members openly despising other members, former players openly despising other former players. It's just so toxic and completely incompatible with being a professionally run sporting organisation. 

          • Muttman, just taking up the quip about the Broncos showing good mgmt cannot guarantee success. Maybe it does suggest, though, that if relations between mgmt and coach are not good, decisions can be made wherein the effects are felt later?

            It's hard to know but Broncos certainly seem to have invested in the wrong places. Their halves are not up to scratch. Indeed their spine is not up to scratch. It's like the built a Porsche on a Toyota chassis. 

            • I was more referring to signing a fairly untested coach to 5 years. What were they thinking?  I think that was management's biggest error.

              I'm not sure of their recruitment and retention committee. Recruitment has been good in identifying and developing young talent. Retention has been diabolical with allowing essential experience to walk, wrongly believing young kids can handle the responsibility of a full nrl season alone. 

            • I was thinking the same analogy but in reverse. They have the chassis & engine of a Ferrari, but the steering column of a go kart.

              Since we’re on the subject of the Broncos, it’s worth noting that every year for the last 5 years Paul White has earned his full bonus, 200K, regardless of where the Broncos finish. It suggests that News Ltd don’t particularly care if they win or lose so long as they are profitable. 

              If you’re owners don’t hold the board accountable for on field results then it’s highly unsurprising where they currently are. 

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