David Gower

Just watched the interview with David Gower...WoW!

I am not sure of his coaching credentials but he nailed the questions with comprehensive, articulate and intelligent answers.

I think he has a career in the media or as an administrator when he finally retires.

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      • I knew he had good credentials Super and I didn't want to denigrate him, he hasn't done much with the mob this year notwithstanding, in saying that, still an improvement over Cayless last year. No doubt playing in the Blue and Gold will improve this next year.

        I don't have the easy answers, although we have a talent in Gower and this would be a way to exploit same.

        How Taylor could be blended in to the process I would bow to the wiser/ hands on people than me sitting in my ivory tower.

  • I think he has already been offered a position by the club when he retires, player welfare or development, something like that.

  • He’d be a good trainer to come on the field with drinks and handing advice like Craig Fitzgibbon used to do or Allan Langer. 

    • Your vision for excellence is amazing P&B, no doubt your career would involve facilitation of corporate culture and development.

  • Gower will be at the Parramatta after his career is finished to help junior development pathways and player career management, player wellbeing ect.

  • Gower is not looking for coaching roles. He is looking at Administration with a view to becoming a COO or CEO.  We are so very lucky to have him with us and could do worse than give him opportunities. 

    • General Manager Football would be another objective FH and Mark O'Neil and him may work close together.

      • Excellent. The added bonus is that Dave genuinely loves the club. It’s a nice change now that when players get to the Eels, they never want to leave ! 

      • Bit like a John Quale footpath maybe?

  • Wizard David is a qualified electrician

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