David Gower

Just watched the interview with David Gower...WoW!

I am not sure of his coaching credentials but he nailed the questions with comprehensive, articulate and intelligent answers.

I think he has a career in the media or as an administrator when he finally retires.

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  • He is a smart cookie . Not sure of his credentials but I remember he’s a guru at something dorky .  Teaches business or economics or something like that if I remember correct . 

    • He was a pretty handy cricketer too...

  • Yes great interviewee !!! Better tv mike speaker than even Cameron Smith and without that same experience. Well done David and proud to have you with our club !!!   https://www.parraeels.com.au/news/2019/08/13/gower-we-have-a-tough-...

    Gower: "We have a tough run in"
    Parramatta Eels forward David Gower says the team isn't getting ahead of themselves, saying they have a tough run to finals and need to fight for eve…
  • He is finishing a degree in business administration with some sort of major in a human resource sector.

    I first heard him interviewed on the ABC radio and could not believe how well he handled himself.  I think he is well recognised for all this potential within the club.

    I had suggested in a blog that he should captain coach the "new parra" reserve grade side next year with a specific role of bringing through young players and having them ready for first grade.

    With respects to the current coach, who seems well regarded, don't know much about him I believe David Gower has a lot to offer us going forward regardless of wherer they place him. Maybe an assistant to BA with a longer term view of taking over?

    • How’s Gowers coaching skills ? Does he have the natural instincts to coach a team of men across the paddock  , or will he motivate them by doing a good job on their tax returns  ? 

      • By the sound of it Wiz he is capable of fixing boat radios and connecting wi fi.

        You notwithstanding ask an interesting question "Does he have the natural instincts to coach a team of men across the paddock"

        The answer to this is not so much of can he, we have no such insights from where we sit, unless you know him from some other source.

        The interesting insight is actually you Wiz, the person that asked the question.....what does it tell us about you.

        Very intelligent, extremely arrogant (i know) and notwithstanding carrying a defensive chip on your shoulder or cynacism of educational degrees.....as if they are not mutually achievable goals to have practical or personal  abilities beyond the spectrum of education.

        So deep down Wiz we are talking about a person with low self esteem in a relative way who really has never aspired to leadership within an organised agenda but is actually a natural leader in a disorganised one.

        You have shown this in many ways not the least your disregard and understanding of executive office (Bernie and Max). You would be constantly thinking and probably not telling your boss who when he ask's you what you want....you would be thinking your job because I could do it better.

        Now this observation comes from someone supporting players like Sandow and French so obviously carries no weight or respect.

        I am grateful for one thing though, and that is I will never rely on Social Media to make that judgement.

    • Isn’t he an electrician?

    • The current coach is Rip Taylor. One of the finest reserve grade coaches going around. In 39 years he's coached sides to 33 finals series, 24 grand finals and 12 Premierships including Parramatta and Wentworthville's previous NSW Cup premierships in 2007 and 2008 respectively. Was recently the coach of the Wyong Roos until they were dissolved after last season.

      • I knew he had good credentials Super and I didn't want to denigrate him, he hasn't done much with the mob this year notwithstanding, in saying that, still an improvement over Cayless last year. No doubt playing in the Blue and Gold will improve this next year.

        I don't have the easy answers, although we have a talent in Gower and this would be a way to exploit same.

        How Taylor could be blended in to the process I would bow to the wiser/ hands on people than me sitting in my ivory tower.

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