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Rugby League is a simple game and this was proven tonight by one of Parra’s oldest players. Run hard with commitment and enthusiasm and you will reap rewards. David Gower, did just that, playing out of his skin,showing up all of the younger more credentialed players.
If we had a team of Gowers we would not only have won tonight but we would win most games played. Gower needs to be the first forward named next week with all the other, so called, forwards seeking his advise and guidance in playing rugby league!

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Him and terepo has good games
He was exceptional
I think Norman was player of the match give him a 15 year contract ext

here here. well done gowie

yet why has it taken so long to put gower in first grade

Pretty sad situation when Gower is our best forward.

The gowers scotts vaves Watmough ect are the reason why Parramatta are where they are.
No foresight
No foundations
No forward planning
No jnrs
No development

The unicorns will always find a positive though. Look i liked Gowe, but building the club's foundations is paramount

Gower is the exception to your rule. Every club needs a Gower type player
Maybe, but not a group of gowers right

Steady chicken little. 

Agree with you all. Sad state of affairs... Hope we turn it around next week
Another chief negative, if the player is not 16 or 17 and has not béen blooded the coach should be sacked. Can't even say that Gower was our best.


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