David Fifita

Curious as to others thoughts.. with David Fafita free to negotiate with other clubs from November 1st, what bearing may yesterdays result have on his intent to stay with the Broncos?

Parramatta are building something special for years to come, the money on offer is very very competitive.....



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  • I saw Fifita at the end of the games shaking hands and ended with Ma’u and had a longer word and admiring look and respect. Hopefully after that games he sees us and wants to be apart of it. Broncos need to buy playmakers and won’t have the money idc who they get rid of I think they’ll still be too tight. Milford might leave, Macca might, Bird might, Boyd might, but getting rid of them will cost money. I only see us having the money to buy him and he’s too perfect of an option to replace ma’u. I think we could get him for 850-900k if we offer 5 years. 

    • I’m sorry pork and beans I don’t like it. 900 k for 5 years, he’s a good foward but not worth that lol

      • It’s either him or Matterson for 500+. Lane and him are probably too similar. 

        • i also say Matterson , he is the best replacement for Mau

          I think most clubs (other than the roosters) struggle with their cap with Million $ players

          Hardworking, skillful players at half the price are what we need

  • $500,000 Max  for 3 years

    We dont play every Friday night , have a few daytime  games each year plus Darwin.

    Broncos forwards cant handle sun or temperatures over 16 degrees.

    Yesterday proved that

    • Disagree Bob, he is the best young forward in the game, bar none. He couldn't do much in that Broncos side but if he come to us he will be a game changer. Remember he is only 19. The way I see it, if he signs with the Broncos they will struggle big time without a decent spine. The Broncos stuffed up with their retention by signing and upgrading all their young forwards, Haas, TPJ, Ofhengaui, Flagler, Carrigan and even Turpin. The Broncos have offered Fafita $700k and they still have Oates to sign. IMO they are in a bit of trouble with their cap.

      • Couldn’t agree more good Dr.

      • They’ll let Oates go and play Arthurs on that wing from the Titans I think. 

  • He's not worth $1M at the moment but by the end of five years he'll probably be worth more than that.

    • That does not mean there will be a Club out there prepared to offer this money!

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