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Does anyone have access to it? Could they please copy and paste it in the comments. Thanks in advance. 


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  • Can you screenshot the article for those of us that aren't subscribed to the Daily Telegraph

  • I am a subsriber, but I don't know how to copy and paste it sorry

    • PP, First off open a new window here using the reply option  keep it open and go to the telegraphs page, once its opened you need to highlight the article, to do so put mouse pointer at top of the article and click the mouse at the start of the article, and then using the right button on the mouse, hold click and hold it down, slowly go to the end of the article while holding down the button.

      When at the end and the article is fully shaded, right click again on the article and a window box will come up, in there you should see a series of options, go to the COPY line and click on that, At that point, the box will or should dissapear.

      Then come back to this blog and using the reply page, go onto that page right click on the blank page and you will get that window box come up, and go to the PASTE line, click on it and you should see the article come on to that page.

      You may need to be patient if it does not work at first, but keep trying,

    • Exactly what Colin has described. Its easy!

      • Thanks for the tips guys

  • Same cannot access article unless a member.

  • Parramatta might spend much of the summer looking for the secret ingredient to end the longest premiership drought in the NRL, but it might already be right under their noses.

    The Eels were ensconced in the top four for much of 2020 but exited the finals with consecutive defeats and have just one win in the playoffs since making the 2009 grand final.

    Brad Arthur will leave no stone unturned in his quest to build a premiership team, but further developing the combination between halves Mitch Moses and Dylan Brown may well be the key to the Eels taking the final step.

    “We didn’t get to play too many games together this year, if I was out he was in and if I was in he was out,” Moses said at the launch of G9 Stadium Golf at ANZ Stadium.

    “He’s a special player and it’s scary to think he’s only 20. He has so much good footy ahead of him. We’ll work on some things in the pre-season and see how we go.”

    Brown has emerged as one of the NRL’s best young playmakers since he made his debut in 2019 and his high-energy style pairs well with Moses’ organisational skills.

    However, the stars have rarely aligned for the duo. They’ve played 30 of 45 possible games together over the past few years with Brown battling back and leg injuries while Moses missed some time with a calf injury earlier this year.

    During Brown’s absences, Moses has partnered up with the likes of Jai Field, Will Smith or Jaeman Salmon and taken a more direct role in Parramatta’s attack, racking up 21 try assists, four line breaks and 16 line break assists in matches without the young Kiwi.

    But despite Moses’ heroics, the Eels attack can become too focused on their star halfback.

    Brown not only brings his own skill set, he releases the pressure on Moses — which is why they combine so well together. When they play together, Parramatta’s win rate is just north of 66 per cent — when Moses plays without Brown, it drops to 53 per cent.

    No half is an island, and by doing less when Brown is around Moses is able to do more for the team as a whole.

    “Hopefully we can strike up our combination again, because he’s a great kid and a great competitor, he’s a person you want to play with,” Moses said. “I love playing my footy with him, he takes a lot of pressure off me and I’d like to think I do the same for him.

    “The game has changed, it’s so quick now, everyone is going to try and find that edge on how to get around the game now. We only had four weeks to prepare for it last time, we’ll be able to prepare better for it now.”

    A free agent after the 2021 season, Moses was last month linked to a possible player swap with Newcastle’s Mitchell Pearce.

    The former Tigers playmaker hosed down any talk of him leaving early and indicated he may well sign on for a longer stint at the Eels.

    “It’s media talk. If you don’t listen to it, it doesn’t bother you - so I try not to listen to it and just go about myself. That stuff (the rumours) will always sort itself out, all I can worry about is myself,” Moses said.

    “I’ve loved my time at Parramatta. They’re a great club and I love playing under Brad, he’s a really good coach. I have a really good group of mates there, we’ve got a good crew. I’ve loved my time here.”

  • I'm sorry, I know D.Brown is only young, but just can't see him reaching the peaks people think, happy to be proved wrong.

    • Haves don't mature in their roles until their late 20s. There's plenty of time for Brown to keep improving. The key for him is to make sure he continues to learn and grow as a player.

    • Brown won't reach his peak until he is the dominant half, the sooner BA gives him control of the team the sooner he reaches his potential. 

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