Current Thoughts on Gutho as Captain

I really like Clint Gutherson as a player and he's improved heaps since he first came to Parra and he's high energy and he brings so much to the Eels side. I'm just wondering if the Eels would be better having a Captain amongst the forwards ( who is another question) there has been some criticism from Mark Geyer and Co that Gutherson's verbal spray at Opacic was out of place and unnecessary and not good as a team Captain. I'm in two minds as whether Gutho is the right fit for a Captain. What do you think?

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      • Yeah I agree, look how it's affected the biggest bromance team in the comp, Penrith, it has affected their game immeasurably.

    • Agree totally mate. Guth may not be one of the great captains but there's no denying his passion. 

      I reckon he's definately the best choice in our squad - by a mile.

      • Best option I think for Gutho he puts himself under pressure by trying to be the guy to get us out of trouble.

        In the end the obvious choice is someone who's postion in the team is secure

        Obviously the choice for captain it's Waqa Blake 

        • I think we all know that Jacob Arthur will be named our new captain shortly. As soon as he's signed his new 4 year 5 million dollar deal.

          • Mate that wouldn't surprise me at all the way this year is going.

      • JA has won the beep test for the last 8 years & had 6 exclusive podcasts with TCT.

        Maybe time to pass the batton? ; )

        How the hell are ya K-Man?

        Im nursing a f&8king huge hang over- been a couple of big nights (mornings) watching the Olympics how good were the scissoring Matlilda's!

        One thing I love about here, no matter what the time difference is you get on the piss to watch sport! Passionate culture... in all ways ; )

        I hope I am still on your bucket list mate-

        "Fly to Brazil, to meet a complete stranger... and be shown the fucking time of your life!"

        Make sure you pack the antivirals.

        • LOL, I'll be there brother - you know it.

          The Scissoring Matildas!!! Can't wait for the semi, already have a semi just thinking about it. I wasn't sure about these Olympics with no crowds but they're going fecking awesome - good time difference for Aussies too. Pretty excited for my fave - the syncro swimming :)



          Hope you've got plenty of hard liquor ready mate. Actually, don't worry, I'll hit duty free on the way through. Night one - Scotch and Cognac :)

          • Jesus, I thought I had dropped acid looking at the photos.. optical illusions. Delicious.

            Like the 3D painting Kramer bought and Mr Pitt couldn't see.

            I saw a photo of your liquor cabinet mate... muito impressive but i couldn't see any cachaca.

            I will truly hold you to the vist mate. Life is not rehersal. What have you got to lose?...except your wife!

            Imagine the photos we could post on here, both of us wearing blue and gold sunga's, tanned as fuck walking like prized pigeons up & down copacabana strip... Leme to Leblon.


            • Yeah - I figure if I'm gonna have a bottle it's got to be purchased IN Brazil. 

              We can make the purchase - after plenty of sampling, obviously :)

              • TBC amigo.

                10am here... time to get back to neutral... recharge the batteries and catch some sleep.

                Family BBQ later today... they are never short events.

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