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Corey Doesn’t Know The Rules

Bro/Cuz look…. you drink beer off a girls pussy on video, you get caught with MDMA pills, you hang out with convicted criminals, you post drunk pictures all the time on the gram.. Guess what dummy you are going to be punished by the club and NRL.

Piss off with your 20k demand and cop it like man.

You are in a privileged position, I repeat a privileged position, yes the rules are different for you, yes if it was a normal person no one would care, but you are not, you are in the public spot light, you are in the media, your image affects corporate sponsorship dollars which affects the clubs finances and it’s fans who pay more through membership because your crap scares away sponsors, you are a role model to children, yeah its different but tough s*** this is the reality we live in.

Stop the entitled BS, if you can’t play by the rules and handle it then don’t play NRL.

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  • He’s perfectly entitled to stand his ground, he has a contract that is valid and current. If he wants the extra 20k, then he has every right to wait till he gets it.

    The person who doesn’t seem to understand the rules is you.

    • Your a dope Brett, good on our club for taking a stand, people like you are the reason our culture is so terrible. You think Nick Politis / Blake Solly / Dave Donaghy would tolerate this BS ?

      Corey is not bigger than the club, he is walking out on our contract you dope, being "shopped" around is his play by his manager everyone is being shopped around if you think about it, we owe him nothing, the contract he is breaking is with us. 

      • Think about it for a second you moron. If the club had any legal right to get rid of him, don’t you think they would’ve by now ?

        The fact remains he is fulfilling the terms of his contract, a contract he negotiated and signed in good faith, he has every right to stand his ground so long as he meets the terms of his contract.

        • Dopey Brett, he is welcome to stand his ground as in, play for Parramatta, train, complete his obligations, but he's not entitled to asking for 20k to cover his fines for being a Dickhead the last 3 years, thats what im saying, and good on the club for not agreeing shows we have backbone

          • Actually he can ask for anything he likes, the club doesn’t have to pay it, but if they don’t he can just say I’m staying until my contract expires. The club wants him gone, they have no grounds to sack him, so in the they’ll pay it, and he knows it.

            • Where is this story coming from that he wants $20g’s worth of fines back? Was there a story over the weekend?

              • It’s not about about the fines, the club wants to pay him out 250k, he wants 270k. It’ll get sorted when his manager gets back.

                • So Brett what’s this pelican on about, has he just made the “fine” bit up?

                  • Pelican, lol.

                    And yes, he has

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      • Let me rent one of your dozens of rental properties around Port Macquarie for free Grunter Lee and I'll consider it.

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