Congratulations JA

well done JA, that last 25mins was very good first grade quality half-back play. 

Hopefully that was a turning point in your development and you have won over the fans, you won me over with that 25 minute period.

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        • I don't think convinced is the right word, He is what he is and that is not going to change in the near term.

          He did a good job within his limitations and in the case of the two big plays he did more than what was expected. I will give him this he has a good eye/heads up for the game. His physicality is still his weakness but as a 19 year old this can change very very quickly......I hope he focuses on sprint training in the orf seazun, his football brain is as far ahead of his peers as his body is behind those same peers......he is a better chance of making it that most believe!

          PS That sprint training should be with his best mate Will......send them to the USA to get some help and a few others as well.....fcuk how good could Sivo be if you put a few yards on him.

          Find that bloke in the states that taught Latrell Mitchell how to run, he came back a different athlete.

          • Great post, Pops. Don't disagree with any of it.

          • Yes Pops Love Sivo for what he does for the spirits for his family and small community.. A bit more pace would put him into Parra legend space 

      • Yeah agree.


      • I reckon that's a pretty fair and objective summation Muttley..

      • Nice summary, not convinced either, he did his job tonight.  He stood up after all the hoo haa in the press over the past couple of weeks and the booing during his game time against the broncos, that showed character.  If the forwards, DB and Gutho can continue to play like they did tonight then he doesn't have to do much.  How he goes against Souths will be interesting, for whatever reason our defence goes to water every time we play them..

      • Totally echo Mutt's comments. I have never been a fan, & possibly never will be however he did ok (meaning exceeded my expectations - which are very high of him) in that last 20. 

        Its was DB/Guth/Matto that stepped up their playmaking taking the pressure off him. This worked this week however he will need to take one some additional playmaking & develop his kicking game a bit more - put more thought into where u are kicking and why instead of these bombs. He also looks abit slow passing the ball, its like you see it coming with this elbows swaying back.... just flick your wrists son or do your dance with a little more speed so its not so easy to read.

        In saying that... well done son, u have instilled some hope in me that you may have an iota of potential that you can perhaps build & work on.

  • He did his job and that's what we needed from him tonight.

    People were saying wit Moses out, our senior players needed to take control which they very much did. Our forwards laid the platform and Guth and Dylbro were immense. 

    • That they did but what really impressed me tonight about JA after an underwhelming first 55mins he stepped up when the game was on the line in the pressure time period. That's something moses still gets knocked for not having the ability to do.

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