Captions from this morning's training run

Can you come up with your own captions? There are other photos on the site



BA: Listen Mitch, if you ran sideways one more time I swear Nathan will thump you.

MM: Ok Ok I got it BA, I'll run straight at the line ...geez!

BA: Just f**cking do it.


Fergo: Hey Waqa, can you pass me the ball.


Fergo: Finally! didn't know he could do that.


Jenko: Hey Sivo, can you run harder mate?!?!? (what a pussy!!!)

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  • Gold

  • Bahahahhah

  • First Picture.

    BA - Browny , Ive told you before, that a team that looks good plays good. Now wheres your F$#&@* white hat.

    Browny - Seriously , i couldnt find one.

    Mitch - yeah you just go straight down Church Street and on your right youll find Peter Wynns, he sells em.

  • Brads coach for two more years, why?


    • Bloody gold

  • 1st - But Brad, Joey says to run straight

    Bushy - I say say run sideways, just do as I say.


    2nd. What do I do now?


    3rd. The onlt time I get to carry a ball is when I bring my own.


    4th. I'm on my way coach, and I brought a ball with me.

  • Gold but worse still, TRUE!

  • A) Moses "But Brad i like to run this way" BA "that's the sideline Mitchell"

    B) this feels weird what am i doing?

    C) jeez i miss The roosters

    D) no this is as fast as i go now deal with ot Jenko I can't be dropped.


  • BA: Hey Mika, planking went out ten years ago mate.

    Mika: I didn't call you a 'planker'.....


  • Mitch the quicket way from point A to point B is a straight line just mull over it for a second.

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