According to Senior reporter Phil 'Buzz' Rothfield told Big Sports Breakfast on Monday morning that the Roosters are in fact $400,000 under the salary cap for this season.


I believe the NRL salary cap auditors should be investigated with the Rotters there is no way that they are under the cap. 


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      • Mate the NRL has been corrupt for years. 

  • I have no doubts that they are under the cap and also no doubts that they are NOT breaking any rules or if breaking any doing nothing different to the rest of the clubs in the competition.

    look at their board and other successful clubs boards , they have high profile businessmen. What do these men lol known, how to minimise or pay no tax , you think they can not exploit loopholes in rules governed by the NRL? 
    fong has been correct in saying that business connections and examples he used are spot on. 

    but everyone always focuses on top talent they got , but neglect the real reason for their success and there has been zilch complaints or even suggestions to stop it. They are masters at identifying young hot talent before they hit the grade , offer more than their existing junior nurseries ( because those clubs have so many juniors to choose from ) and they are the basis od how they manage their cap

  • Buzz had a blog about this online on the Telegraph site a couple of years ago about how the Roosters players weren't getting paid as much as people thought and listed his theory on their actual salaries. I wrote in and said he had a couple of problems - firstly, they cannot being paying them ridiculous unders as we weren't allowed to sign Folau with an NRL imposed "minimum value". Likewise, we weren't allowed to have Guru Jnr and a couple of blokes take small pay cuts to re-sign Kevin Kingston after the '09 Grand Final, once again, proof the NRL apparently has "minimum values" and you can't take a pay cut to keep your mates there. Secondly, Buzz had 20 players listed, so I pointed out that the NRL squads at the time consisted of 25 players, so even if some of his ridiculous "unders" he listed were correct, he didn't have enough salary cap money left to pay another 5 players to fill the squad!!!! You won't believe it, but he didn't reply to me....


  • I totally Agree.  The game is structurally corrupt.   It was Ken Athurson,Bob Fulton and John Quale for MANLY in the 70s,80s and 90s.  It was News Ltd for the Storm in the Naughtys and ol mate (Greenburg) for the dogs and now its the Rorters now.    Parra will never be in a fair playing field,   We were stupid enough to think we could hoodwink the league with dumbos in our front office the failed plumber spangnlo and the like.  We didnt have the smarts to compete unfairly and we got busted for it 2016.        

    • Cool story bro

      except Quayle was ex-parra player . Guess throws that theory out

      • But was a Roosters player for 4 years and was never a parra fan


    • that's why AFL is ahead of the NRL the AFL have a fair playing level when it comes to recruitment by their clubs the NRL so called salary cap only enforced on certain clubs.

      if this continues to happen it would be only a matter of time for the code to die and become something of the past.


  • Ideal outcome ... Bateman signs with Roosters, and picks up a season ending injury first game. Roosters then get busted for salary cap rorting, and Raiders drown in their own tears, with each competing for the spoon

  • Quiet easily actually it's called undisclosed TPAs.

    Until the NRL has a handle and full disclosure on these forget about trying to workout why the Roosters are continually under the cap.

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