Cameron Smith the untouchable!

So, even after, he is recorded very clearly challenging the integrity of the referree, he escapes with no penalty, meanwhile others who have done the same, get binned or sent.  No consequence from the NRL Review Committee.  Says it all.

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                  • You think Sterlo or Ray Price never cheated on their careers ?

                    • Not that I'm aware of but we arent talking about Sterling and Price. What about Francis of Assisi did he cheat? What about Ghandi and Mother Teresa? How about the bloke down the street? Nobody is exempt from the temptation to cheat to win but like Ive said its not winning if your cheating.

                    • Every player has been offside at one point or another. By your definition all players are cheats.

                      Ghandi and Mother Teresa have SFA to do with the game of rugby league. For heaven's sake give it a goddamn rest.

                    • Give what a rest? 

            • Even cheating?

              • It appear so, given his responses thus far, anything is OK as long as you win.

                • Yep that's the nature of the beast at the elite level of sport.

                  Sports people will do almost anything to win because no one cares if you played fair and finished second.

                  Insert but he was a nice guy though.

                  • Then its clearly not winning is it? What about at Casino's where the dice are loaded is that winning? Clearly in yours and Brett's estimation it is? 

  • I don’t think he the best player that’s laced on a pair of boots. This is all got to do with what’s happening in the game today. All that’s involved in running of the game have no real connection of the sport & history of Rugby League. When Super League was brought in, the very core of what this game was about, was thrown out the window to please Optus & Fox at the time. They have done almost everything to please the CEO’s of these companies this includes ch9. And in the process, the rules have changed so much that certain teams thrive on it, others struggle. And just when you buy players to suit that style, these fools change the rules again & the clubs that just adjusted their rosters, loose another season because the roster not not up to the changes. 

    Smith was a dummy half that ran the team by directing the attack, was he good as Steve Edge? As good as Benny Elias? No he wasn’t because they did everything Smith did & more. Edge a little slower but that was the game back then. How can to say he the best when you have players little Laurie Daley, Brett Kenny, Peter Sterling, Terry Lamb, Thurston & many others that don’t get a mention. This game has a lot of question marks all over it. 

    I don’t think it’s all Smith doing, I hate him for his tactics that ain’t in the spirit of the game, but that’s the Storm for you. They have done it right from the start when they tore Cayless peck muscle off the bone, back then you could see they were bending legs arms you name it. That’s why I hate the Storm & Smith, because the NRL took so long to catch on. Bellamy is the culprit, he a boarder line cheat & he knows it. But most premiers of the last couple of years have all got question marks over their wins. So what do you do? Buy players that suit the style to the current rules & when they change, you build your roster again. 

    You all have a good off season! 

    • Well you have a high level of bitterness and many issues there Tin Tim, and I thought you were one of the moderate ones.

      Its always subjective when you come to opinions on players across different era's.

      I am as one eyed as the next guy but after following a team since I was 10 years old in a very different era, I can't help to be amazed at the vindictiveness and bitterness of so many of our supporters.

      Now I actually watched Steve Edge when he captained a side against us in a game which you guys could not imagine in terms of bias, he was the captain of the team coached by Harry Bath that had Rod Reddy punch the living daylights out of Ray Price in the 77 replayed GF. Edge subsequently came to Parra of course and led us to our first premiership.

      Now for someone to compare Edge to Cameron Smith who is unquestionably the most influential player with the greatest domination in every aspect of the game is absolutely ludicrous. Edge played a few games for NSW, that was it on the rep scene...... do you people know how many great Hookers that have played the game..... just to mention Noel Kelly who was featured on here yesterday, Ken Kearney , Ian Walsh a great Australian Captain, Max Krillich who captained a Kangaroo touring side, one of the greatest sides in History and the list is long as you like and we drag out Steve Edge a good player and a lovely man and embarrass him by making such claims.

      You guys never cease to amaze me in what you don't know and understand about history and the game.

      For gods sake you people, stop hating! there are many more important issues if you are desperate to hate something!

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