Cameron Smith the untouchable!

So, even after, he is recorded very clearly challenging the integrity of the referree, he escapes with no penalty, meanwhile others who have done the same, get binned or sent.  No consequence from the NRL Review Committee.  Says it all.

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              • Thats a ridiculous statement Brett. 

                • Which part ?

                • The taking of illegal drugs of a Rugby League player being irrelevant to that player obtaining an award. It certainly doesnt promote a great look for the game, the fans, the code, the younger generation.

                  • Yes it is irrelevent. Awards are by definition a reward for excellence in a persons chosen profession, in the case of a Rugby League player, actually playing Rugby League.

                    They are not given for any other reason.

                    A person isn't awarded a Nobel Prize for Chemistry because he can throw a 30m cut out pass, he wins that by reaching the top of his profession in Chemistry.

                    Should he not get that award because he took an eccy at the club on the weekend ?

                    Of course not, that's absurd. 

                    As for what it looks like, who gives a shit ?

                    I'm a parent, and if I leave the raising of my 3 kids to the likes of Andrew Johns or Cam Smith then I deserve to get fucked up kids. It's such a lazy arse excuse for bad parenting complaining about the effect of imperfect athletes on young kids.

                    If you're concerned about it, then talk to your kids about it.


                    • We arent talking about the parenting of children Brett but the absurdity of a person being awarded an extremely high honour in the light of known and public illegal indiscrepencies which basically go against a huge part of what Rugby League is endeavouring to promote. Honesty, integrety, transparency and morals both on and off the field. This doesnt mean I or anyone should expect all players to be saints and squeaky clean. There are however certain actions that should be included in the automatic suspension of that player being elected. What you do outside of your profession should have consequences in your profession especially if its illegal. 

                    • 100 percent. 


              • But Brett , one could argue that John's used these drugs to release the pressures of his life . So if he wasn't taking them " illegally " how do we know he wouldn't have ended up on the rugby league scrap heap ala Tim Smith ? 

                johns has admitted they were his release valve . You mentioned about Peddos etc not being able to reach the levels to exceed enough to gain the award , yet John's has said he knew how to and in some instances was assisted in avoiding tests . The drug taking was during the season and involved medically recognised stimulants .  It's not up to the opinion of party drug users as to what effect these drugs have had on them to decide whether speed , MDMA and Charlie assisted AJ in coping with his life in general . They are stimulants , end of . 

                that's without going down the path of questioning whether someone with such expertise in avoiding drug detection for so many years was also using performance enhancers . Let's not forget , he only came clean because he was caught . 

                another point of consideration is that his drug use should've had him banned from the game for extended periods and ultimately forever . Many players were stamped out of the game for long periods and never recovered to their full potential during his career. So the question also must be asked if he had an unfair advantage being A John's . There were rumours floating around for years about his drug use , especially when he made those miraculous recoveries from season ending injuries . 

          • What if it comes out post playing career Brettles ? By your theory a Peddo Child killer who for arguments sake was the best player ever to lace a boot and carry a bag of boiled lollies should not be denied a spot on the imortals list ? 

            • OK, if you need to go to the nth degree argument to support your point, it probably isn't valid. However, clearly common sense must prevail in individual cases. If a player or ex player is found guilty of a major felony, ie murder, rape, paedophilia, organized crime etc, then yeah, exclude them from higher honours. If we've got to have an argument about that sort of thing then it's getting silly.

              Joey was never accused or charged, much less convicted of any such crimes. He admitted to popping a few pills to cope with the pressures of his life. Now whether you consider that to be valid or not is irrelevant, but if you're going to exclde him based on that, then you could pretty much find a reason to exclude almost anyone.

              I mean, if you were eligible, could someone find a reason to exclude you ?

              • Other than having an abnormally large keel like  penis that assists with keeping my upright ?  


                Point is , you can't judge a player by playing ability only without it becoming a farce .  As I said , take away his illegal self medicating and he may have been on the scrap heap long before he reached immortal ability .  

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