Cam Smith injury

  • Smith has suffered a minor shoulder injury which could keep him out for 3-4 weeks.Seeing as we play them in 3 weeks he should be out for that game, and if we can't beat the Storm without Cam Smith then we sure as sh*t ain't going to beat them with him.

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  • Funnily enough I have more confidence that this Parra side will lift for that game more than when we play a lower ranked side. We just can't lift against the lower ranked teams and that has to fall on the coach - he needs to get in their heads or find someone that can.

    • I agree Frank. It seems we lift our game for the harder teams and get dragged down to the lower teams level. 

      I think smith will play against us. Melbourne have a knack of getting thier players back from injuries very quickly. They must have an amazing physio team. They will want him back against us so they can push for the minor premiership. I would lime him to play so we can see where we are against them

  • I rather play them with him 

  • He'll probably miss 1 week, possibly 2 then come back against us.

  • Brandon Smith will relish the opportunity to start games and probably play 80 minutes with Cameron out so thinking Melbourne will be weaker would be a big mistake. BS is not bs, every run he makes is full of toughness and determination. He is like a bulldozer built closer to the ground and he loves to give it to bigger blokes which he does every week. 

    • I agree short term they will probably go just as good. Knowing someone is going to return is easier to get up then knowing they are out for the year. E.g we covered Moses in 2/3 games but any longer and we would likely have been in for some real pain.

    • The last time they started without Smith at hooker this season they were all over the shop. B. Smith is a tough nut but he doesn't have the craftiness Cam does which is really what Melbourne need at hooker.

      • I agree.

        Probably won't make much of a difference with the lower ranked teams but could be found wanting playing the top sides. 

      • B Smith is a great impact player but C Smith provides playmaking from the half and pretty much tells all his fowards how to play espicially Nelson and Tino. 

  • Unfortunately he will be back for our game.

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